Boardwalk Manor – very definitely where the wild things are. Or at least, where they will be growing up. A very child-friendly enclosure, Boardwalk Manor Estate sees everything taken care of, so you as apparent are able to focus on your family. Security at Boardwalk is certainly no issue, as the conventional is coupled with the extraordinary, the latter showing face in the use of a unique double lock system in entering both the estate as well as the neighbourhoods within – trust me, you’ve never been safer. The streets are wide and inviting, their newly laid surface doing all that it can in aiding your sons and daughters in mastering that utterly abstract piece of sports equipment kids nowadays are calling a “J-board” (Tried it, never trying it again). And surely the houses within the enclosure must seem absolutely palatial through the eyes of a toddler, such is their size and grandeur to such a small being. Manicured lawns provide excellent substitutes for professional sports fields (don’t worry, they’ll get there), and well lit streets and neighbourhood patrols allow for all after dark activities to take place with your mind unburdened by the stress that accompanies the safety of your loved ones – for they must venture out after dark, it’s the only time of the day that they are able to fight dragons, witches and miscellaneous undead creatures of the night…okay maybe you should be a little worried, I’ve seen The Walking Dead.

But we’re not talking about The Walking Dead. We’re talking about Boardwalk Manor – mostly because the possibility of the former truly worries me. And so far I’ve (hopefully) created a tapestry of the mind through my words, detailing why buying property within Boardwalk is such an excellent idea, and is especially conducive to the regulating of the current and ever-swelling dragon population we’ve got going on. However, Boardwalk does not exist alone, or in and of itself. No, it is part of a much greater network that sees the life you have always dreamed of, well, “come to life”. And most definitely a necessity in that dream life of yours is the accessibility to a pool of the greatest and foremost schools for your young witch hunters to attend. For every parent wants what is best for their child, and there is no better way to give it to them that, than by bestowing a gift that cannot be bought or sold, but only attained through honourable, honest work – now there’s a life lesson you should certainly pass on.

The schools of Pretoria’s eastern suburbs are perhaps some of the best in the country, well known for their high standards, tailored curriculums and exclusivity in the choice of their students. Yet do not feel as though these stringent processes hold a dark interior, for the opposite could not be more true. Take Waterkloof House Preparatory School for example. This gentleman’s academy may, from the name, seem as a nose-up-in-the-air kind of place, yet the reality is that is simply one, very large, very happy extended family. Young boys become young men over the seven years that they will spend at an educational institute that values of both formal and informal teachings, the former taking the form of theoretical and practical lessons within the classroom, the latter being the knowledge that is gained from a comprehensive and versatile sports program, the many field trips and even camping trips that are taken by the various grades, and perhaps the last not of formal nor informal consequence, but rather taking on a higher meaning – the spiritual growth that is experienced by students through the strong Christian faith that is seen within the walls of this fine academy.

Young women of tomorrow, fear not, for there exists an academic option to rival any boy’s school you’ve ever come across. Loreto Convent School for Ladies is an institute that values the ethics and morals detailed by the Christian faith as much as any house of God, and certainly compliments this spiritual movement with the finest in academic performances, as is the norm for its pupils. Teachers at Loreto Convent are held in the highest regard by those whom they teach, and therefore are simultaneously held to the highest standards of teaching those under whose employment they fall. For greatest minds of today are sure to produce the greatest minds of tomorrow. In short, your child will feed her unquenchable thirst for knowledge at the banquet that is Loreto Convent School, their lawns as green as…well, as green as the golf course at Woodhill (I tried, I couldn’t think of anything more green)

All of this could be yours. And I don’t mean it could be yours in a terms of “it could be yours if you’re willing to put up with the hour long drive that it would take to get your children to school, no, for the entrance to the halls of brilliance are mere minutes away from the exit of the paradise that is Boardwalk Manor. Your child’s future awaits.

Take it.

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