Roos Transfer and Safaris at Silver Woods Estate

One of my favorite things about this wonderfully diverse and culturally rich nation of ours, is the spectacular natural beauty that god hath had the grace to bestow upon it. It is almost irrelevant which side of the country you travel too, or even what kind of environment you should come across – be it coastal plains, grasslands, in land plateaus, or even just some random bush en route from Pretoria to Polokwane, it is all absolutely gorgeous. That is in part what the beautiful environment and houses in Silver Woods Estate are trying so hard to preserve, albeit while blending it with the modernity so typical of our rapidly developing land – the spectacular natural appeal of the landscape.

One must certainly understand upon reading this article that I have not had the privilege of being raised among such delightful natural splendor, among natural wonders that invoke the soul to peace, understanding and appreciation of the preciousness of life. I grew up in a massive city in the United States, where one must travel extraordinary distances to experience any genuine natural splendor. The closest we often get to natural beauty is the artificially constructed parks and vegetation in the suburbs (to which I rarely ever ventured because there is really nothing to do there except sleep in enormous homes, unlike the countless amenities at Silver Woods. Therefore it is not something that the average Philadelphian would experience.

The entire region is clattered with overdevelopment and consequently saturated with atmospheric and noise pollution, and this often claustrophobic ambience of overpopulation. Even if you were to take the short two-hour trip north to New York, or venture in the opposite direction for an even shorter distance to Baltimore, Maryland; while you certainly catch a glimpse of the charm and lavishness that bewitched the pilgrims and other early settlers, you are also bombarded with concrete, stone, marble, and more artificiality that is difficult to ignore. Thusly, the true beauty of the land the Native American once freely and frequently roamed is lost on the modern eye, veiled by man.

Not quite that way around these parts, is it? There is little question that there are also large portions of the South African countryside that have been tampered with by man’s celestial ambition and entitlement. Yet, there is so much grass, green, to be seen; fauna and flora are awash on the edges of even the largest highways at times and one can really capture what a lovely land this is. I have had the privilege of traversing much of this land by car, giving me the opportunity to view first hand and close up, the natural marvels proliferating the tip of this massive continent. However, it was never not once deliberate, nor planned. Moreover, think carefully about it, residents are hardly ever tourists in their own locale and that is whether or not they have experienced all that their area has to offer.

I am not much different. I have been to one game reserve that I can remember – Kruger National Park. Which else, right? Wrong! There are massive amounts of reserves, parks, tours, etc that allow you to observe intimately, deliberately, the gorgeousness that is this nation, many with the guidance of knowledgeable and experienced experts who enrich the adventure tenfold.

One such an institution is well within your reach, even in the urban setting that you are so fond of and that is Roos Transfer and Safaris.

Check them out. For these are people dedicated to taking you, as best they can, to the beauty of this marvelous nation and seemingly leave little to be desired, as far as adventure is concerned. It is not my intent to frighten you, but with rhino’s being poached habitats being encroached upon by man more and more everyday, you might want to take some time out to observe, actively, the natural wonder, environmental delight that is South Africa.

For those of you that know what’s best, you will want to be as close to such an establishment as possible, and if you live in one of the houses now for sale in Olympus Country Estate, the beauty of this nation – or at least the service that will transport you to such, will be only minutes away from your door.

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