Recreational Facilities at Boardwalk Meander Estate

Recreation is a pivotal part of human and child development. For me, from a political perspective, it is also important to the fabric of the social development of communities and countries. Recreation provides countless platforms for numerous elements of cognitive, emotional and physical fortification, understanding, growth and sustenance thereby augmenting the already vividly involved process of intellectual and social maturation. What Im basically saying is that participation in different forms of recreation, children in particular are exposed to more than what they would in the classroom alone, and adults more than they are at work, thereby opening their minds and hearts to people, places, ideas and experiences they otherwise might not have.

Let us consider briefly, what precisely one would call recreation. It is certainly debatable. The definition, or the specific activities themselves rather, can be heavily informed by culture and geographic location, essentially denoting that not every place and every people consider the same activities as recreation, fun or engaging. Some societies have incredibly bizarre and exotic recreational concepts. Often even the practice of recreation can be different. What I mean is in many traditions recreation is something to be enjoyed by groups of people, in more social settings such as parties, parks or playgrounds; while, for some the engagement in such activities is to be enjoyed at home in comfort, seclusion and privacy. Youll decide which best suits you in your homes at Boardwalk Meander Estate, but I digress!

What then, is recreation? I shall offer an amalgamated definition, which I believe to most thoroughly describe all-inclusive potential parameters for this common concept. Recreation is a means of diversion and the refreshment of health, spirit and strength, by way of pastime, exercise or activity, and/or anything promoting relaxation and enjoyment! That is an incredibly complete and eloquent definition, even if I do say so myself. It is not, however, particularly specific. Need it be?

My intent is to inquire as to how one must interpret that definition. Here is how I interpret it: The most important phrase to note in the aforementioned definition is “refreshment of health, spirit and strength”. The reason this is a definitive exert is that it illustrates the fundamental purpose of recreation, albeit that it excludes all corollary benefits and utilities such as learning. The second most consequential phrase in that definition is “anything promoting relaxation and enjoyment”. That citation is the absolute praxis of the recreation. The simplest and the best way to interpret that phrase is to understand that principally it is irrelevant what activities, pastimes or hobbies you chose to participate in. If you consider any of those activities enjoyable, entertaining and/or relaxing, you are unequivocally being occupied by recreation! What that is to say very strictly speaking, is that even if you greatly enjoyed picking your nose and shooting crusty boogers at stationary or moving targets in your vicinity and found it fun or relaxing, or both, you could call it a recreational activity!

Fortunately for you and all whom it may concern, the recreational facilities at Boardwalk Meander Estate do not make any provision for booger shooting or anything remotely of the like. Instead, they have made extensive efforts to offer access to rather sophisticated recreational facility options. For your profound convenience, Boardwalk Meander boasts four particularly natural and ornithological amenities in bird hides, viewpoints, walking trails with boardwalks, and four delightfully tranquil lakes. For those that find the escape from the concrete jungle of this majestic capital city relaxing, this one is for you – you might forget you live in Pretoria. For the children, there a numerous play parks where kids can…be kids. Shall we be honest? Until someone gets hurt, only god knows what they are doing. There are also adult playgrounds to which we often refer to as clubhouses, albeit access is not denied to the young ones. Finally, for the sporting, the healthy and those who are none of the above yet but are striving to be so, the estate also houses squash courts, tennis courts and swimming pools. That is my favorite kind of recreation – sports – that is of course alongside playing video games, listening to music and traveling.

Look, I am not telling you not to do that weird little thing you do when you are by yourself, that no one else does, but you do because you find it entertaining and relaxing (that sounds rather unsavory and was completely accidental). I am simply saying that Boardwalk has considerately made a few recreational options available to you – options that are not particularly commonplace in the average residential area. I therefore believe it would be lovely to get out there and take advantage of it.

Relax and enjoy.

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