Places of Worship at Olympus Country Estate

While, I did not have the privilege of growing up in any of the spectacular properties for sale in Olympus Country Estate, I grew up in the church. Most South Africans and African Americans do (I am a cultured little blend of both) – Anglican on both my maternal grandmother and grandfather’s side; also known as Episcopalian across the mighty Atlantic. From as far back as my waning memory can recollect, I have been instructed in the ways of the lord, our father God, and learned of the sacrifice of his son, his own flesh and blood, Jesus Christ, for the atonement of all of mankind’s festering sin. I was taught to both fear and revere the Almighty, and to marvel at his vast and unfathomable creations both big and small and to speak, act and think in his glorious name. I have been told what the Devil has in store, and how his deceit and villainy can manifest in an infinite number of cunning and unknowable ways. I am no stranger to the told-of fate that can and will befall all those that choose to follow his wicked ways, and the purported punishments which are inflicted by the laws of this god-given universe should we not understand that this universe is exactly that – god-given. I was also enlightened about the divinity of the graciousness of God’s forgiveness, for those that sincerely seek it, and the comfort of his presence, his Holy Spirit and companionship in this treacherous world.

What I chose to believe, within this massively complex religion, denomination and spiritual realm is in truth irrelevant. Whom I choose to worship and follow, as a fallible man, amongst other mortal and imperfect men, is not for anyone to decide or judge (save for God him/herself – I hope that’s not too controversial!). We are all, people of the book, beings of celestial origin, shining light in the eyes of the gods we believe to be our fathers…our mothers.

What is important then is that we find havens of such sentiment. What is important is that we are afforded an ethereal platform to supplement our spiritual and religious connectivity to one another and of course the gracious Gods, Totems, Deities and Creators in whom we find esoteric solace. Every church, mosque and synagogue (or any other place of worship that you call home, or can afford) is an asylum, a sanctuary from an outside world that so often in its fleshy heedlessness and terrestrial preoccupation, forgets that all we see, all that is us and the world around us, is not merely some expedient serendipity, but rather the act of deliberate and profound providence. It is a safety net, like the security at Olympus Country Estate. We have long evolved, as a human race, to understand that science and faith need not be stalwart adversaries. We can and do find inexplicable and godly magnificence in nature – wild and human. Please excuse the pedagogy.

No matter what you believe then, you must nurture your faith and nourish the innate and eternally sown seeds of your celestial spirit. To this end, I submit to you that Olympus Country Estate is situated near such indispensable institutions of praise, worship and transcendence. The name itself makes reference to the legendary home of ancient Gods and Goddesses of rich and persevering Nordic cultures. Not more than a few minutes drive, the very vibrant and energetic Capital City Church beckons for all those in need; with a heavy youthful contingent they provide many activities and events to further cultivate the essence of togetherness and holiness. There is also a Kingdom Hall for ye Devout Jehovah’s witnesses literally around the corner on Achilles Street – a rare find, for a modest faith. A little further away but still within minutes drive is also the intimate chapel-atmospheric Eastview Methodist Church – down the road from the Montessori Academy College. Doxa Deo Church, which, much like Capital City, is very much dedicated to the inculcation of spirituality to the young as much as the old. There is no need to find yourself lost between loneliness and leeriness.

My God, my rock, in whom I take refuge, my shield, and the horn of my salvation; you save me from violence. I call upon the Lord, who is worthy to be praised, and I am save from my enemies. (The Bible, 2 Samuel 22:3-4)

When the walls of the secular and corporeal worlds in which we work, live and sometimes stumble, close in, and the thickening air of materialism, carnality and contempt begin to suffocate and smother the god-given soul, you always know where to turn to for comfort, consolation and divine guidance!

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