Places of Interest at Silver Stream Estate

Silver Stream Estate. Any name that invokes that degree of tranquility, beauty and natural splendor is certainly a place that I would earnestly consider living in, solely on the whimsical basis of the wondrously ornate name! Not to slight my residential locale, but I am not convinced that the name Meyerspark is particularly conducive to the aims of attraction or enticement – especially if I am looking to start a family, or expand and enhance the life of the one I am privileged to already have. On the other hand, the very well manicured and dexterous hand, I would love to live amongst the incredible houses in Silver Stream Estate. It simply sounds spectacular, does it not? Feel free to disagree, however, I find it unlikely that you will continue to do so once you have seen what the place looks like. Don’t be shy. Click the link above and enter this ozone of modernity fused with antiquity, this beacon of grandeur, spliced by simplicity.

Once you do, you will be convinced, Im certain, that there are few homes, neighborhoods and lifestyles worth the weight of genuine consideration as this. This is absolutely amongst other incalculable ancillary motivations to reside around these fanciful parts.

In addition to the awe-inspiring natural wonders at Silver Stream, there are too many amenities in the safe and sultry surroundings to list and describe them all. These wonderfully accessible amenities include tops schools, restaurants, golf courses, driving ranges and even game drives, courtesy of the neighboring Farm Inn! Yes, I will say that one more time; there is a game drive next door to Silver Stream Estate. Im not positive I could tell you what game is present – hopefully they have not become so brazen and ambitious so as to harbor some of our favored carnivorous cats and dogs. You know, the ones that I watch taking down prey three times their size of discovery channel; nevertheless, I am positive it is teaming with a variety of bird-life and herbivorous spectacles. That is not even the attraction I wished to discuss. I wanted to talk about another. I intended to apprise you to a facility far more pragmatic, yet also typically convenient, unique and constructive.

Across the road from the titanic walls of the estate, is a quaint but brilliant and thoughtful facility known simply and memorably as Training 4 Upliftment. Before I go on to describe precisely what it is, I believe it prudent to mention their slogan, “knowledge will bring you the opportunity to make a difference”. A quote from Claire Fagin RN, Ph.D, FAAN, an American nurse, educator, academic and consultant, the comment could not be more applicable to the essence of their purpose.

The facility offers first aid training that ranges from basic CPR instruction to levels 1, 2 and 3 first aid courses. They apparently cater to both individuals and businesses. As they claim, any place of employment with more than ten employees is required by law to appoint a first aider. The appropriate ratio of first aiders must be 50 to 1 or 100 to 1, based on the business, as stipulated by the Draft General Health & Safety Regulations. Furthermore, they provide certified training for fire fighters and occupational health & safety officers from varying businesses and work environments. Incredible? Yes it is.

If not, here is the information that will surely be far more pertinent and impressive to you. They offer first aid to “family and friends” for a duration of 3hrs at R350, that teach lifestyle skills of Hands-Only CPR, Child & Infant CPR, and finally adult or child choking relief. I mean this is amazing. Moreover, they offer edu-care course for save-a-child, child care, developmental stimulation, cooking and housekeeping! We are talking about a facility that is officially credited by Department of Labor, Resuscitation Council of S.A, American Heart Association and the Health and Welfare Sector Education and Training Authority (SETA).

If no other element of the captivating Silver Stream estate engages your serious consideration, then perhaps the safety and welfare of your employees, and more importantly, your family might. To know that in a few short and inexpensive hours, you can be instructed on how to deal with almost every potential household medical calamity or emergency should surely put the heart, mind and spirit at ease in the most profound of ways.

How do you feel about owning a house in Silver Stream Estate now?

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