Pets at Boardwalk Meander Estate

One of the main things that differentiate us, human beings, from animals, is the fact that we can manipulate the world to our benefit.  No other species on the planet can do so as deliberately and as cognitively as human beings.  Among the many things we have done that have set us apart from our primal counterparts is to cultivate the strengths and natural inclinations of the animals around us, to help us in the shaping of our world.  Naturally you wouldn’t need such a phenomenon at your homes in Boardwalk Meander. Just as a quick example, what animal can you think of that deliberately uses another animal to transport its meat, water or edible vegetation for it, not unlike man has done with horse, donkey, husky, camel, alpaca, elephant and countless others?  Alternatively, when have you seen an animal of any kind use another animal during the course of combat against its own kind for food or territory?  That is unmistakable human behavior.

Another practice that marks human behavior as substantially distinct from animal behavior is the concept of domestication - not just for labor and transport assistance like the aforementioned, but also for the purposes of companionship and company.  Human beings are the only creatures on the planet that have taught another species to be a friend and companion.  The most common animals are of course the domesticated dog and the domesticated cat.  Obviously this did not occur over night.  The domestication of these animals along with other typical livestock became as they are over thousands of years of human and animal evolution.  They slowly diverted from wild behavior to being comfortable living among people.

The idea of domestication has also evolved over the years spanning from ancient times.  Now not only do many animals that people call their own function as tools, transport, security and/or mere companions, but for quite some time now people have gone as far as to consider animals as members of the family.  My friend and his adorable family in Philadelphia went so far as to give the dog their last name – a practice I've come to find rather common in the many parts of the world I've traveled to.  Benjamin Jacobs was the furry guy’s name. That is cute, isn’t it?

Now naturally if you own a dog and you have for sometime, or even if you are considering getting one since your children will not stop bugging you about it and they have promised time and time again that they will make sure they clean up and look after the dog consistently and attentively, you will most likely consider the dog’s comfort and accommodation in any house or apartment you would potentially purchase for the family.  For example, you might consider what kind of space there is in the yard such that the dog might have room to roam and run.  You could also contemplate the need or not for a wall, gate or trap door.  I can guarantee you that you will find sufficient space inside and outside the gorgeous houses at Boardwalk Meander Estate.  That would be an easy decision.

What would make the decision even easier, is knowing that not only can you accommodate your beloved pet comfortably at home, but not far from you is an establishment called Menlyn Kennels, whose purpose is to offer countless products and services to enhance the health and happiness of your furry family.  Since you would consider the security at Boardwalk Meander, the recreational facilities at Boardwalk Meander for the adults and the children, wouldn’t you consider your pets well-being also?

I mean Menlyn Kennels offers pet boarding, dog training, grooming, pet transportation, behavior consultations and the cutest service I imagine to ever have existed, puppy daycare.  With a whole host of animal expertise you can be sure that you have a facility near you that can take care of almost your entire pet needs.  If like many pet owners in the world today your pet is not simply some animal that eats and poops at your house but is in fact a long time and loving companion and favored member of the family, you will want to live around these parts.

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