Nightlife at The Meadows

It would seem that today was another one of those days. You know, the one’s where you wake up with an absolutely disgusting hangover, your first thought being “dear god what did I do to deserve this?” Of course then you remember what you did – it’s difficult to forget, despite the memory loss that is found at the bottom of every bottle of vodka, the gorgeous times that are had within Pretoria east’s premium nightlife hangout spots compliments of the amenities of The Meadows. For such is the quality of, quite simply put, “having a good time” that it is sure to imprint upon your mind, not be removed by any amount of alcohol, as though encouraging you to revisit the place where the time of your life was had, and will be had again and again and again – I mean you’re going back tonight again right? Isn’t that why weekends have two days that allow for recovery? Nevertheless, the amenities of the east include the very best in pubs, clubs and bars for a reason – so that those who call that gorgeous stretch of land home – or if they are the truly blessed amongst the lucky, those who call the properties in The Meadows home – can enjoy as they were meant to. For who could resist the call of Cubana, its allure as enticing as a thousand siren songs – except instead of crashing your boat against the rocks and being consumed by the half-human mythical creatures that roam this planet, you’d be privy to the very finest in night-time dining and wining, wine possibly being replaced by the cocktail of your choice, such is the array of award winning drinks that are made (and no doubt consumed with glorious passion) within the walls of this fine establishment. As for the music? A stunning combination of international and local afro-Caribbean sounds that are expertly mixed in with the heart-pumping body-jumping rhythms of today’s popular youth culture in the culmination of the best of both worlds. This is very definitely the place to be when looking to forget the woes of work and life in general, the lights and flames carrying your thoughts to distant lands…Oh the flames? Compliments of the fire breathers that set the air alight every weekend, much to the sheer delight of the patrons. As if the drinks and the music weren’t enough.

Cubana, however, does not stand as the only option when seeking that night not-to-be-remembered yet not-soon-forgotten (yes, both are possible). TY’s nightclub (hmm, I was there last night, I just remembered that…you see, both are indeed possible) sees the darkness punctured by strobes that pulse to the beat of the music provide by the resident DJ’s – the only time said DJ’s are not making people wonder at their musical capabilities is when guest artists, the likes of Crazy White Boy in the mix, set the dance floor on fire. You’ve never experienced anything quite like it, and it’s doubtful that you’ll find a feeling like it anywhere else. The enjoyment to be had mixed in with the class and style of the high life, what with the newly constructed outdoor patio and hookah lounge, you’ll be spending almost every moment of your free time in anticipation of the nights that lay ahead. Time certainly bears no meaning when you stand upon the dancefloor at TY’s, marvelling at the men and women all dressed to the nines (don’t worry, you look great too). The VIP section beckons, the lights enthral and the music adjusts your heartbeat accordingly – heaven on earth? Why bother, we’ve got TY’s.

You thought that that was all to be had, that’s cute. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and gir-well, I guess I shouldn’t say that, what with the liquor laws of our country stipulating a legal age, thank god – let me try again, ahem: Sirs, madams of the east, News Café sits directly adjacent to both aforementioned clubs in seeing that your choice is ever expanded in ensuring your night is one to remember. With the light atmosphere that soothes the soul through the right music at the right time (I don’t know how they do it, but somehow they just know what you’re in the mood for), News Café certainly has a couch, a drink, perhaps a person of interest with your name on it (or “on them”, let’s not objectify). As for the safety of your vehicle while enjoying the splendours of the night? Security at Menlyn square, home of these fine establishments, stands to rival that of the security at The Meadows itself…no okay, nothing rivals The Meadows, but it certainly comes close.

What I’m trying got convey is that you’ll never be stuck for what do or where to go when it comes to your evening activities when living within The Meadows – life is simply that good.

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