Nightlife at Silver Lakes

Though many a morning is spent in fits of remembrance, half cringing while dying with laughter as I remember in bursts the events of the night before, it is something that should be passed up by none, for everyone should be privy to the life that comes to light after dark, especially when such a vast array of the very best in night-time entertainment is available to those willing to make the arduous journey to- oh no wait, I’m mistaken, for with the estate entrance just around the corner I do not believe that a scale exists with which to measure the proximity of the Properties For Sale in Silver Lakes in comparison to any of the spectacular options through which to spend one’s Thursday, Friday or Saturday night…or any other night of the week, to each his own.

I myself do not live within the glorious complex (I know, I’m sad about it too, but one day…), yet the drive to the nearest of my favourite hangouts within the east is but a short fifteen by car – can you then imagine what driving from Silver Lakes to, for example Tiger Tiger (yes, the Tiger Tiger , the one that causes a stir every time its name is mentioned, the air seeming to bend, sizzle with potential, neon lights flashing within the eyes of all who know…wow maybe I need to cut back on the partying. But the more I go out, the better I can describe the sheer awesomeness of what awaits in terms of the best in entertainment, so nah).

But back to the aforementioned descriptions, and the fact that you shouldn’t miss an opportunity to sink your teeth into the finest of the fine. Tiger Tiger proves to be the ultimate spot for those looking to unwind after an exhausting week, the bass provided by both resident and guest DJ’s doing all that it can in getting you to drop that shoulder and put your fist in the air (possibly asking the ceiling who would save the world tonight, because great song no?). Gone are the days of Hatfield square – and no, I’m nor ragging on the place, I’ve definitely had my fair share of, well, let’s call them “events” at the square. All I’m saying is that now that you’re no longer in college, you’ll feel that the places you go to may need a little more flair, a little more style, slightly more in terms on delivering the utmost when catering your every want and need when it comes to the music that’s played, the company enjoyed and the conversations that are had – personally it gets tiresome hearing the phrase “how drunk am I” shouted at me time and again – pretty much an adequate description of Hatfield as a whole. And Tiger Tiger certainly meets the standard – I’m sorry, “meets”? Well I guess I could use the word “meets” if we all agree that its closets synonym is “surpasses”, yes? Yes. Okay glad we got that out of the way – in every way when it comes to ensuring that its clientele remain upbeat while getting down to the sounds of fun and folly that resound within its walls. As for the safety factor? Again, this isn't Hatfield, and the well-being of you vehicle within off-street parking is up there with the security of Silver Lakes itself.

Tiger Tiger does not, however, stand unrivalled in its capacity to astound and amaze all those who seek that night to remember. Standing at the opposite side of the field of battle is not one, not two, but three of the east’s trendiest (wow I never thought I’d use that word, how times have changed – it’s up there with “vibe”, and “kale”) places to be seen when dressing to the nines for a night out on the town. I speak of course, of TY’s, Cubana, and News Café, and the distance between their names on this page is comparable to their proximity should you be standing at any entrance – sort of like the amenities at Silver Lakes on a micro-scale. No doubt greatness breads greatness when it comes to the east, and in a continued effort to constantly raise the bar in club-life entertainment, each of these three tributes to after-dark activities does the utmost to outdo not only each other, but you’d swear every other sector in the country, such is their dedication to those looking for a way to kick back, relax and enjoy the sights and sounds provided.

If I were to choose? That’s kind of like asking me which Lord of the Rings movie I liked best – near impossible. All have their individual qualities that make them great in their own way. Cubana and its Latin flair, TY’s with its modern take on the 21st century party and News Café relaxed, smooth feel. It’s something that can only be described to a point. After that, words become meaningless, and the only way to truly appreciate what awaits your arrival, is to experience it yourself.

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