Nightlife at Newmark

That fact that I’m writing this slightly tipsy should already give you an indication of the subject topic – I’ve just walked in from Cubana, that jewel of the east that brings with it all the flavours and colours of the Caribbean, to be enjoyed by those who call home to the properties within Newmark Estate. I guess that the after effects of the tantalizing cocktails served within the fine establishment have yet to set in terms of memory loss, so the details are still pretty fresh, allowing me to delve headfirst into descriptions of gorgeous leather couches upon which to lounge as we are waited upon hand and foot by the excellent staff, their arms laden with drinks of the most outrageous colour and food that would set anyone’s taste buds abuzz.  Needless to say the night went extremely well in terms of the relaxation to be found underneath the bamboo ceilings and surrounded by the torches of lit flame, their light adding to the ambience that speaks of far off lands and distant adventures in Latin culture. However I found myself in search of a place that would allow me to do something about the sheer and utter need to, as they say these days, “break it down” to the sounds that were pouring, as though liquid gold to the senses, through the ceiling-mounted speakers. I found it strange that such an area did not exist in a place that seemed to fulfil my every desire in searching for-

And that’s when I realised how gloriously mistaken I was, for my eyes caught sight of the space in front of the marble and oaken bar – although “space” perhaps isn’t the most adequate word through which it should be described, for so packed with people was this particular area that it seemed unlikely that those in the middle of the masses of smiling faces would ever be free of the ecstasy that had seemed to have overtaken their bodies – it was, of course, a dance floor, and in staying true to the modern phrases, to which I believe I am gaining remarkable fluency in, everyone on it was certainly “breaking it down” It would seem that my assumption that Cubana had reached near perfection in its ability to cater to my every want and whim had been incorrect – perfection had indeed been reached, compliments of the resident DJ who had, it seemed, decided that the time for mulling about was over, and that action had to be taken with regards to getting people moving, accomplished through the sudden change in tempo of the music, its rhythms doing fantastic things to heart, mind and soul, the joy to be had compliments of the amenities of Newmark.

And so we danced, non-stop for hours on end…Well, no, that’s not true. At one point we did stop as the lights above us started flashing – a sigh went up from the crowd, the general conclusion held that is was a signal to last call at the bar. Yet it was only midnight, so that couldn’t be right…My thoughts were interrupted when a column of flame erupted from behind the bar, setting the air alight, the heat felt across the room. Fire-breathers – perhaps something that no other club in the greater metropolitan area of Tshwane is able to claim as part of the entertainment that awaits their clientele. This went on for several minutes, the flames becoming bigger, the applause becoming louder, the intensity of the heat matching that of the music that kept blazing from the speakers. As the show ended, the euphoria that had taken root came rushing back to reclaim its subjects, as on we danced.

The pure and simple things in life – being able to share a night out with the people that you hold dear, being able to dance, fire-breathers (although this last one being anything but plain) – those are the things that we just don’t see enough of these days, especially in a society that demands your utmost and undivided attention in behaving in ways as dictated to you by others. Newmark aims to change this, not only by providing you with a house, but rather a home and, just as important, a community through which one may grow and prosper, both in work and in play (the choice in the latter being pretty clear, wouldn’t you say?). For as the many and varied descriptions in Newmark speak of the security that is to be encountered and the quality of life that is to be had, we should never forget to make a little time to let down our hair (or perhaps pin it up? I’m not entirely sure what your choice in outfit is yet), dress to impress and get up and out in order to start, yes I’m going to say it, breaking it down.

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