Newmark Estate Amenities

Newmark Estate – if ever there was a twist on modernity, this would be it. With an emphasis on a healthy, active lifestyle, this marvellous estate boasts private tennis courts, as well as incredible proximity to various gymnasiums and prestigious wellness centres.

Okay propaganda aside, let’s discuss why you really want to consider buying property in Newmark.

The area is astounding. And that’s my least thought-provoking adjective. Pretoria east, for those who know not of its intense beauty, is perhaps one of the leafiest, most eye-pleasing suburbs in the country (no, that isn’t an exaggeration). In winter, it is awash with brilliant silver light, and the cold is kept at bay with crackling fires, the troubles of life momentarily forgotten as the land seems to hibernate, the dead silence broken only by the fall of leaves to the ground (and, yes, I suppose the crackling of said fires). Summer arrives as the skies grow dark and the air is charged with electricity, rain pours to the earth and is greeted with the lush growth of indigenous flora. It is in this untamed part of the province that the founders of Newmark Estate set out to develop the most elegant Residential enclosure conceivable. And achieve it they certainly did. 

The architectural finish is exquisite. Building regulations set out as part of the Newmark Home Owners Association guideline provides a platform from which to work off, meaning that all construction adds to already existing splendour. Airtight security provides a feeling of freedom hitherto unknown – 24 hour patrols, gargantuan walls and electrified fencing, in conjunction with strict access control means that you won’t spend a second worrying about your safety. Trust and respect is a factor inherent of the relationship between residents and those responsible for their safety.

I could go on and on about various the aspects that make Newmark the gem that it is – so I will (why wouldn’t you want to brag about a quality of life this good?). But I shan't waffle about just anything. No, I’m going to waffle about what sets Newmark Estate apart from the rest. Specifically, I’m going to waffle about the vast and incredible array of recreational facilities both within and around the Newmark grounds. I’m going to waffle about those tennis courts I mentioned earlier, at which spouses vent their anger at each other because he didn’t do the dishes last night, and because she took forever in the shower this morning and used up all the hot water. I’m going to waffle about how close home owners find themselves to the premium quality golf courses of Silver Lakes (yes, the Silver Lakes golf course) and Woodhill (and again, yes, the Woodhill golf course), upon which many a professional tournament has been held, and sporting the very best in golfing assistance, private game reserves (and when I say close, I mean so close you might have trouble falling asleep amid the night time roars of lions), through which one might fall victim to the lure of exclusive game drives. And I’m very definitely going to waffle about the proximity to the various Virgin Actives in the area (yes, more than one – in other words, god bless Richard Branson), and Thrashers skate park for those of us whose children live on the wild side of life (or perhaps for those of us who still tend to our inner children). With all of this at your fingertips I do believe you may have trouble staying unfit – I’m sorry, but no matter how much cheese-cake you eat at the delicatessen restaurants at those glorious establishments that surround Newmark – Hazeldean, Boardwalk, Woodlands to name but a few – you’re not gaining weight. Not bad, you think?  Trust me when I say “Not bad” is a misnomer. 

Exterior amenities aside, lets walk back through the polished security gates, past the friendly smiles of the well trained security personnel that man them (they’re slightly less friendly to would-be intruders), down avenues reminiscent of Eldorado, and towards the beautifully constructed clubhouse, focal point of the gated community. It is well known that hard work is always rewarded, and after the hours of work you put in at the gym, burning off that cheesecake, surely you deserve to kick back with a few cold ones at the extremely classy bar. Through the portal gates once more, relaxation extends to the Barnyard Theatre, at which fine dining meets productions worthy of Broadway, as Theatre-goers are entertained for hours on end by professional entertainers in a formally informal setting. Continuing on with the relaxation thing (because let’s face it, you’re certainly not going to want to stop once you get started), Tiger Tiger nightclub provides an after dark alternative for those night owls who like to put their hands up while getting down (no, I’m not entirely sure what that means either). With top in-house Dj’s and numerous superstar guests, the pumping bass will keep you going long after sunrise.

Post-sunrise you ask? I mean, once much coffee has been had of course, the Boardwalk Art Market provides a unique experience in original African creations of colour and vibrancy. And by this time no doubt you’re feeling hungry (there wasn't really time to eat with all that partying last night) – we head over to Hazel food market, where we find artists yet again, but this time palettes are replaced by ingredients that culminate in the ultimate taste experience.

I think I’ll stop there. You see, life is full of surprises, and wouldn't want to spoil them for you with continuing descriptions of glory. As to whether or not you happen upon them, well, that’s up to you.

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