Natural Wonders at Woodlands

Woodlands Estate – possibly one of my favourite examples of how living is accomplished in every way conceivable to the 21st century city dweller. However, along with the lifestyle inherent of every major metropolitan hub comes a certain pressure to perform, one that does indeed take its toll on every one the residents of the urban landscapes of today. We all know the kinds of stressors that we face on a daily basis – the car rides, the traffic, the ultimately inconsequential road rage that does nothing but drive up our blood pressure to the point of extremity. 

And then of course there’s work – which many of us do enjoy, but I have no doubt when I say that there are other things that you would rather be doing. It’s just a reality of life that there are times when things become too much to bear and we need to take a step back in realising that all the stress and worry that we put ourselves through just isn’t worth it, and that if we are to continue to strive through what we must do to achieve the results that we desire, a break from everything will be needed every now and then – a “half time” to the rat race if you will, for I do not believe for a moment that there exists a mortal capable of going non-stop in every aspect of his or her existence without depleting their life batteries (it’s odd, every time I use that phrase I think of that Duracell bunny ad – I guess consumerist culture really is taking its toll on me). Fortunately, our batteries are rechargeable, and it only takes a few hours to see them reach full capacity in helping use deal with our day-to-day struggles. As for how we recharge? Well, to each his own. That is, everyone has their own way of doing it. Me? I like to immerse myself in the natural world that surrounds us in searching for the next big adrenalin rush that sees my cares melt away in the moment. And quite recently, I think I’ve come across what stands to be a very permanent source of needed energy in the refuelling for days to come.

Nkwe resort – but a moment’s drive from properties within Woodlands, this timeless (and when I say timeless, I mean it looks like the area has been there since the start of time itself, such is the ancient grandeur that the park exudes to all that are privileged enough to grace their eyes with its presence) testament to nature at its most raw, its most beautiful, presents the perfect opportunity in escaping the seemingly inescapable woes of the world through experiences in far distant lands, yet somehow still within walking distance of the nearest arterial road within the eastern suburbs of the capital city – it is quite strange, wonderfully so, that  such a gem could find growth, life, within the hub-bub of the capital city, the rate of expansion overtaking everything in its path – yet, somehow, here it is, a hidden marvel that invites all to taste of its invigorating waters and breathe of its life giving air. Included within the proximity of the natural amenities of Woodlands Estate, Nkwe is within grasping distance to all those who would spend a few moments in catching their breadth, steadying their mind and easing their soul, before continuing on with the trek that sees us as part of popular urban culture and society.

As for that adrenalin rush that I so passionately seek? Well Nkwe has a lake. And directly adjacent to the lake are these cliffs…I think you see where I’m going with this. The fall, the drop into nothingness is absolutely breath-taking. It is a moment of pure and utter calm – no sound, no sight, no sense of anything at all. Just you, surrounded on all sides by the absolute abyss into which you fall. The cares, the concerns dissipate around you as you move, earthward, the feeling of letting go has never been so complete. It is something that cannot be adequately described in words, but only felt through experience. The strangest thing? The moment your body leaves the solid surface of the rock behind, you feel no fear…none whatsoever, the safety in the freefall is perhaps comparable to the feeling of safety that one has with regards to the very security at Woodlands – the notion, the knowledge that for that moment, suspended in the air, you are free of the chains that bind us to the mortal realm. You. You are immune, invulnerable, untouchable - immortal if you will. Certainly the last thought on your mind before you enter the water with a deafening crash and in a whiteout of bubbles will be one of pure bliss. And the memory of that feeling is what allows me to get up every day and push ahead with what needs to, and what has to, be done

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