Natural Wonders at The Meadows

The Meadows. A name that denotes the kind of relaxation that we all search for in our lives, as the grip of reality grows ever stronger. It certainly is true that as we grow, our powers of control over ourselves and our environment do indeed become stronger, yet similarly so do our responsibilities – as it should be. Yet we could all use a break at some point. And I do not speak of the kind of break that is to be had upon the greens of Woodhill Golf Course, no, for despite how absolutely stunning the course is, having been expertly crafted in every aspect, the 18-holes, each standing at the centre of a perfectly manicured green, providing an international level of excellence in golfing – seen in the numerous professional tournaments held within the walls of Woodlands – we as working men and women need something a little more extended with regards to the kind of escape from reality which we seek.

It would be assumed by many that in order to attain the kind of paradise that allows us to forget the mistakes of yesterday, the stress of today and the anxiety attached to tomorrow, cars, planes, perhaps even travel by sea may be necessary to achieve our goal. Strangely enough, this seems not to be the case when living within the Homes in The Meadows Estate. Situated within the capital city’s eastern suburbs, and passing over what this means in terms of the utter beauty that residents are surrounded with. This is, very stunningly, not the case - for the natural wonders that dot the area stand to rival those man-made edifices, a testament to modern engineering in every conceivable way, much to the delight of those that seek refuge from the troubles of the modern world.

One such natural gem? Nkwe resort. I happened upon it completely by accident, possibly extremely distracted by the magnificence of the estates that I passed as I drove, their glory certainly visible from afar. Upon a whim, I decided to follow the “turn right” sign, my new path leading into the very heart of the hills that gave even more character to an area already abound in glorious visual stimuli. Never did I think this could be improved upon until I parked, got out, and surveyed the destination that had seemingly chosen to discover me. Words failed me as the absolute perfection of the natural world stared at me, smiling at the look on my face. The waterfall in the distance provided a near-magical ambience that played gently in the background. The lake that stood before me, sunken several metres into the very bedrock of the earth, beckoned me to join in its seemingly eternal existence, free of care, of complaint, of worry. The cliffs on its northern shore overlooked the life-liquid below with near arrogance, their red and brown rocks as though precious stones, unmoveable, unattainable by any, in their pursuit to be enjoyed by all. Every part of this God-given environment seemed to be celebrating its own existence. It was truly spectacular that not minutes before I had turned off a tarmac surrounded by every conceivable sign of modern human existence, the noises that I had become so accustom to hearing disappearing into the distance, to be replaced by the sounds of running rivers and ghostly sighs, the latter compliments of the wind through the trees, as though speaking to each other, exclaiming how simply awe-inspiring their home was, and how lucky we, as visitors, were in being able to share it.

It wasn’t long before I stood atop the craggy cliffs, the ascent having breathed new life into my lungs, the adrenaline rush that came as a result of looking down into the nothingness that separated my point of vision from the darkness of the waters below, as though a physical barrier daring me to pass. I certainly couldn’t pass up a challenge like that – and indeed, time and again that barrier was breached (you’ll never hear me saying anything like that when speaking about the Security at The Meadows). Every worry, every care, every problem leaving my body as I enjoyed the bliss of the weightlessness provided by the fall, ending in a triumphant entrance into the body of water that enveloped every part of my mortal body and soul.

It is this, this experience of life as it should be lived, that allows us to continue on in the march of the everyday, no matter how bleak things may seem. A rest-stop along the path that we walk is perhaps one of the most important aspects of any existence, and needs to be taken as often as humanly possible, if we are to survive the daily struggle with regards to what the 21st century demands of us. This is the kind of “break” about which I spoke, and it is imperative that we embrace it. And, should you find refuge within that gorgeous estate that is The Meadows, I believe that it could be embraced time and time again.

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