Natural Wonders at Six Fountains

Bliss. Perhaps the word I would use to describe this past weekend, given its many possible interpretations, yet still all ending in providing that same description in feelings of happiness. Most fondly however, I remember that sensation of having my cares and concerns melt away into the air around me, the worries of everyday life dissipating as though a wisps of smoke.

It is something that we all need to experience on a regular basis – the lack troubles that bind us so absolutely to the lifestyles that we have come to accept as normal, even inevitable, as part of modern society. I feel that sometimes we take things far too seriously – fight too often, laugh too little, smile to infrequently, in attempting to achieve what popular culture dictates is happiness. There are times when we need to return basics in remembering what is truly important – and sometimes it’s just a feeling, brought on by an experience that we create through our own actions, as opposed to the whims and wishes of someone or something else. It is of great significance that we do not lose sight of our humanity in trying to prove to the rest of the world how advanced we are, in that we build and destroy, conceptualise and create, divide and conquer. And it’s as simple, as I recently found out, as jumping off a cliff.

Now, please make sure that there’s either water or a very large crash bag at the base of said cliff, or you may be facing a very painful landing, and I a very unnecessary lawsuit. In this case, there was a pool of dark, welcoming water to greet my arrival in the almighty crash that followed the three-second fall. For such was the magnificence of Nkwe resort that it allows one to frequent its shores, waterfalls winking in the distance, the rocks that surround the pools of water inviting one to achieve the adrenaline rush that presents itself through the descent into the abyss. The natural splendour of the area speaks of lands that should be as far away from humanity and its cities as ever, yet lies within a moment’s drive from the Homes For Sale Six Fountains, its beauty an ever present factor to those who know of and enjoy it.

The point I am trying to make, is that regardless of all the wealth in the world, there are some things that we cannot buy. Now, I am a strong advocate of the fact that happiness can be bought – probably because my idea of happiness is an all-you-can-eat buffet at any of the east’s spectacular restaurants, compliments of the amenities of Six Fountains – however that philosophy does not hold a candle to the fact that I felt more relaxed than ever, free of the stress and trouble and woe that accompanies everyday life, work and the demands of modern society in acting in a certain way, tailored to what “they” would have you believe is correct behaviour – “thou shall not jump off cliffs. Thou shall not relax!” and so on and so forth

But back to the fact that, should you make your home within the estate that is Six Fountains, you would be able to enjoy these gems of the east whenever you so pleased. It seems almost unbelievable that the area could be furthered by the presence of the described environment, yet here we are, and there it stands, waiting to share the magic that it exudes as soon as you enter park, the trees, their arms stretching upwards as though grasping the sky, providing the much needed shade, much needed shelter from the rays of the midday sun. The green pastures to be found within this particular paradise, green as the Silver Lakes golf course itself, calls to all to sit, to enjoy, to forget the troubles of tomorrow in living in the now. 

As for the safety of your car? It is completely understandable that you would worry about its wellbeing, given that there are no deterrents to vehicular theft in the immediate vicinity. To that point; first of all – no, worrying is not permitted, and shall not be tolerated. Secondly, the very solitude and anonymity of the area itself provides a safety factor worthy of the security at Six Fountains itself – invisible yet just as effective in lending to your feeling of – what was the word I used...? Ah yes, “bliss”

In closing – I cannot make you take a break from all that would see you crumble beneath workload that would cripple a baby elephant. I can only suggest it, and the natural amenities of Six Fountains certainly provide the opportunity to lighten your load in allowing you the time recharge your life energies for the all that is to come, hell or high water.

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