Natural Wonders at Silver Woods

Throughout history, mankind has toiled under the whip of their superiors in their efforts to create societies that would stand the test of time – the building of the pyramids of Giza took hundreds of years and thousands of slaves, many of whom perished as they hauled rocks the size of small meteorites to the heights of the edifices into which they poured their sweat, blood, tears and lives…

Now I’m not saying that siting at my desk, type, type, typing away is akin to the act of forced self-sacrifice under the burden of ancient Ra-driven slavery, because, obviously, no (although my back would disagree, perhaps it’s time I invest in one of those office chairs without the back, the one’s that force you to sit up-right whilst working – although that requires effort on the part of my spine, and I’m not sure I’m up for that…god I would’ve made a terrible slave). But I am saying that when it comes to the toiling bit, not much has changed. Granted we’ve come up with more sophisticated words to describe the work we put in – synergy, development – yet the idea behind them is more or less the same. You know, minus the death part. We, as part of the modern, highly urbanised world, envision ourselves as the foremost of any society, local or global, that has ever existed – and why shouldn’t we? Given what has been achieved, and the time frame that it has been achieved in, we should revel in the works of ourselves and our brethren as they speak of the wonders that are as well as the wonders to come.

Yet in keeping with current theory, energy cannot be created (or destroyed, merely transformed and transferred, yes I actually did pay attention in some of my physics classes – “some” being the operative word), so it stands that, when we have driven ourselves to the edge in our pursuits of glory to be gained in the name of science and immortality as a species through what we create, we need some sort of a “recharge” if you will, each one of us having their own personal idiosyncrasies with regards to what gets them back in the driver’s seat. Me? I like to jump off buildings (no, I really do, it’s a legitimate sport to all but my mother). And when buildings are not viable (usually due to those who work within them taking issue to what they call our “death wishes” – really, they could have come up with something more original), the cliffs that stand within magnificent proximity to the properties of Silver Woods Estate certainly do the trick –yes there’s water at the bottom. We’re crazy, but we’re not stupid…well, not most of the time anyway.

It may seem confusing at first, as to how flinging oneself into the abyss that separates land and sky from one another helps take the pressure off. It’s hardly something that can be explained, for you need to experience it to truly understand what it is that I will do my level best to convey through the written word below:

The feeling of nothing, is probably the best way I could start said description. When you leave the cliff face behind, you enter a realm with no sound, no finite sight, no smell, no taste and, perhaps most curiously, no touch, for if you think about it, at any given point you are most likely touching something – your shoes to the ground as you walk, your body to the chair as you sit – yet here exists a space where you simply – “are”. And in that moment, it is as if your cares, your troubles dissipate into the air that surrounds you, worry lifting from your shoulders as though a physical weight removed from your being. It is this feeling that I crave, that I seek constantly in every jump – and it is this feeling that allows me to recharge for the struggles that I am no doubt to face in the days to come. And given that Nkwe resort sits so close as part of the natural amenities of Silver Woods, it is one that , along with numerous others, and hopefully one day, you, are able to enjoy as a resident of the Pretoria east landscape.

It is of great importance that we allow ourselves a brief respite every now and then. Whether it be cliff dives at Nkew or club-swinging upon the greens of the ever gorgeous golf course at Woodhill, sitting, if at all possible, even closer to Silver Woods than the topic area of this article. Yet what we take away from either action is the same – the feeling that we have been nourished, replenished and revitalised, able to continue in doing what we must in achieving what we desire.

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