Natural Wonders at Silver Stream

The way yesterday turned out was pretty much a summary of this year – adequate adjectives include “crazy”, “haywire” and “unpredictable” (good song). As with all Saturdays, I sought the refuge of 24 hours in not having to worry about the consequences of tomorrow (no, I’m not one of those YOLO toting new age youths who complain without solutions…my biases are coming out aren’t they? Not to worry however, when it comes to your children, the schools at Silver Stream have a slightly classier taste in their education in terms of the take on tomorrow), I just enjoy the occasional break from the constant and seemingly relentless stressors of life – especially now it’s the end-of-year silly season and everyone seems to be absolutely pushing for that ever elusive perfect holiday, meaning that if everything doesn’t go just right, life is meanigless and there is no point in anything anymore (cue tantrum and tears by grown men and women). Me? Nah, I take it as it comes, there’s already too much to worry about to add more fuel and flame to the fire. Which is why I appreciated beyond belief the utter natural gem that we stumbled upon, courtesy of a day-time party invite and a misguided GPS system.

We were driving through Pretoria east. I mean that much was obvious, the houses were gorgeous, the plots were of perfect proportion and many a time did we pass the lifestyle centres and prestigious shopping malls that characterise the amenities of Silver Stream Estate – perhaps the most visually pleasing complex that I have ever had the pleasure of passing – like we slowed to down to better appreciate the stunning architecture that no doubt was characteristic of the enclosed neighbourhood throughout the interior urban environment. However the feeling of awe and wonder at beautifully constructed estate was somewhat punctured by the sheer frustration of the fact the our global positioning system decided to develop an attitude reminiscent of my ex-girlfriend, the result of which saw us driving around in circles for what felt like an eternity and then some. Eventually we gave up – and decided that, given that we had already spent so much time and energy in an attempt to reach the fun filled halls of the house that was to be our final destination, we may as well drive until we found something to that, at the very least, fulfilled the “fun” category of the aforementioned description. Oddly enough, that “something” turned out to be right around the corner.

Now, if I called home to the property in Silver Stream, I doubt I would be spending much time there – not because of a lack of anything – when it comes to gated living, the estate pretty much sets the bar in terms of just about everything. No, it was because that little around the-corner-discovery that I think may cause me to result to nomadic life, pitching my tent wherever I pleased, so as to enjoy this hidden splendour of the east, only returning home to when food rations were running low (hi mom). Said splendour? Nkwe Resort. The first time I’d ever heard of it was when we drove through the unimposing gates (contrary to those to be found at the mentioned estate, part of the comprehensive setup that is security at Silver Stream. Down a narrow dirt road and over a cobbled stone bridge, arriving at…well, I’m still not sure how to describe it. Words such as “paradise”, phrases such as “Heaven on earth” don’t seem to do this particular wonder enough justice.

There was lake - that much was true. A medium sized lake, complimented with a waterfall, clear fresh water running down ancient rocks to replace that lost by the lake, courtesy of the gorgeous stream that ran from said lake into the distance. But that’s not what I noticed. No, I noticed the craggy cliffs that overlook the water, upon which persons were perched in mustering the bravery to throw themselves into the nothingness that separated rock from water. Needless to say I fought my way to the front of the line in order to plunge headfirst into the black depth of the welcoming waters below (yeah yeah spot the adrenaline junkie). This continued for some time, until eventually we had to give in to the fading light and make our way home, all soured thoughts of missed parties and temperamental GPS’s were lost in the sheer joy of what was.

What I’m trying to say is, when it comes to the amenities of any area, we tend to focus on the man-made – the built environment and its standing in terms of economic value. And no, I don’t think there will ever come a time where I fail to enjoy traversing the halls of Woodlands Boulevard or The Grove, or the gorgeous feeling of safety provided by the security at Silver Stream, but it is important to remember the natural, unspoiled wonders of an area that do just as much to compliment the quality of life as any other constructed edifice, such are the Amenities of Silver Stream. And when living in said estate, one finds oneself in such close proximity to one of these beauties of earth that it would be impossible to be overcome by the gorgeous privilege of calling a place like this home.

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