Natural Wonders at Newmark

The state of society today can certainly be called into question – no I don’t mean the economic side of things (which was already in shambles) or measurements of GDP. I mean the way that we, as people relate to our modern environment and the effects that it has on us. Take this particular time of year for example. Sure the festive season is to be celebrated in bringing joy, excuse the pun, to the world, seeing each and every person relax in the knowledge that ahead of them lies several weeks of freedom from the daily woes that so besiege us for the majority of the year, said woes being aspects of life such as waking up early to sit in peak hour traffic, work nine hour shifts to return in peak traffic, get home, cook, clean ,fall asleep, repeat –  every day, five days a week. It is a necessity, yet it certainly takes its toll. You would have to be Superman or Wonder Women to be able to pull that off without needing to stop for a breather every once in a while – and while it is a dream we all share, that of invulnerability to the ills that life throws at as, we are but mortals of the realm we inhabit, susceptible to the challenges and changes of indeed an ever-changing world. Yet the Christmas season seems to induce more stress than anything else to all those who observe the need to find that perfect December 25th through the consumerist culture that we oh-so adore. We need those rest stops along the way, those breaks that provide us with the opportunity to recharge our depleted power cells in allowing us to continue with what must be done in order for us to achieve what we desire. It is not weakness to seek refuge from the troubles, the tantrums, the stressors and the stress that accompanies the year end – it is human, and as far as that is concerned, I’m pretty sure that’s not changing anytime soon. So, the way I see it, there are two options. Option one: We can push ourselves to the point of meltdown, burnout, giving in as the last drops of energy are drained from our bodies. Or, option two: We can revitalise, reset ourselves to a state of being able to cope with all aforementioned stressors and stresses. Me? I prefer the latter. And it is this option that the properties for sale in Newmark allow its residents to fulfil time and again in gorgeous fashion.

Nkwe resort, very definitely one of the hidden gems of the east, sits a stone’s throw away from the gates that guard the enclosed neighbourhood that is Newmark Estate, thus allowing all who dwell within to access it the absolutely stunning grounds at a moment’s notice. However, it is not only the grounds that give the area the qualities that see the uplift of all who visit the natural environment. That rest stop we were discussing earlier? The fact that our batteries need recharging? This is where it’s done, and it is accomplished in the most spectacular fashion conceivable. For upon entering the gorgeous greens of the resort, tucked away into the hills, the sounds and sights of the urbanised world that surrounds it dulled, one sees the lake that sits at the centre of the park, the focal point, surrounded by a high cliffs on one side and an array of ever-greens on the other, a waterfall renewing the life-giving liquid that is lost to the stream that curves it’s way gently away from deeps of said lake and into the distance. The gentle winds that frequent the area, play upon your face, the refreshing breeze seeing your senses awakening, as colour seem brighter, more intense, as though nature were painting a picture using every available pigment upon her palette.

This is what I speak of when I say that the amenities of Newmark stand you in good stead should you ever need a time out from the rat-race that is the life of the 21st century resident. We all desire success, fortunes, fame, we all have within us that burning desire to succeed, yet it is of great importance that we do not lose sight of the fact that our existence upon this earth is not without end, and we therefore must enjoy, cherish every moment in the knowledge that we are but the daydreams of a higher power, and may be forgotten as quickly as we were conceived in thought. It is imperative then, that we take the time to slow down and admire our surroundings, safe in the feeling of being content (strangely enough that same feeling is also found within the walls of the aforementioned estate, the security at Newmark doing wonders in allowing an atmosphere of relaxation) in the knowledge that we are indeed a powerful species, yet not beyond the call of assistance.

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