Natural Wonder at The Ridge Estate

It is important to be as honest and open as possible. Sure it is important to be so with people in general, but it is more important to be honest and open with oneself. If I might be frank with you (and myself) the environment is not something I spend enormous amounts of time pondering. I rarely take a step back and think to myself, “what will become of our ozone layer because of all the carbon emissions from our cars and companies,” or “pharmaceutical companies continue to destroy our drinking water with chemical contaminants, and if they do not heed environmentally friendly testing and development practices, what will we drink?” I wouldn’t expect this concern to be a prevalent one among the residence of a gorgeous homes for sale in The Ridge Estate either.

Please understand that I am by no stretch of the imagination demeaning the consequence of such concerns, nor am I dismissing the apparent environmental problems that have been propagated through man’s selfish manipulation of the planet to his singular benefit. I am simply affirming that in the grand scheme of my most pressing day to day, moral, ethical, spiritual and personal concerns, this on does not rank particularly high; which is undoubtedly unfortunate (that is what many of my hippie friends would claim anyway).

Might I at least get some credit for knowing what kind of environmental hazards and problems we are encroaching on as a society as global constituents to symbiotic survival? What I mean is, I at least know what problems we are facing, isn’t that better that the person that has no idea at all? For example I am acutely aware of the carbon emissions that are supposedly eating away at our already depleted ozone layer. Similarly, I have paid attention to the growing number of reports of the impacts of deforestation and habitat destruction that is plaguing both developed and developing countries, displacing vast numbers and categories of wild species. Just to show off the extent of my insight, there is a corollary conundrum in terms of deforestation with the loss of valuable oxygenation, life sustaining trees – particularly in jungles, which although covering only seven percent of the face of the earth, they in fact produce thirty percent of the worlds oxygen!

Man continues to chug along, doing what they believe to be necessary for accumulation of wealth or success, the cultivation of comfort and convenience, and it appears only a fraction of people recognize that nature is being compromised in the process. Remember when I told you that I couldn’t imagine this being a major concern for residence of The Ridge? Id like to tell you something amazing about the Ridge Estate that makes it a special estate to reside within in these environmentally troubled times.

The estate is not unlike the countless demonstrations of mans growth in technology, dominance over land and continued pursuit of utopia within the ills of our world. Consequently, one can observe sophisticated architecture as well as delightfully convenient, stat-of-the-art amenities among a few other illustrations of ‘progress’. None of that is what makes this place special.

What makes The Ridge special is that there is a standing order from the developers to maintain the picturesque natural landscape and to avoid the unnecessary alterations to the environment for arbitrary aesthetic purposes. While architectural and technological advancement is not ignored, the plant and animal life that exists here on the Rocky Highveld Grassland, co-exists with its human co-habitants largely untroubled and hardly displaced as a result of the development. This is to say that both as a measure of natural splendor designed for the enjoyment of the resident, and a profound consciousness for the conservation of the environment and nature as a whole, The Ridge is akin to the best of worlds. At any given time, the natural wonder of the Grassland and the Bankenveld are never gravely compromised, to this end man, plant and animal alike can exist in a peace, tranquility and symbiosis rarely achieved anywhere, even by scrutinizing design.

The Ridge is in itself a natural wonder, a marvel of man’s conservatory concern for the world that has graciously housed and provided for us, interwoven with mankind’s very natural and primal instinct to maneuver the world to our benefit.

If you love nature, the environment but also appreciate the architectural and technological accomplishments of mother natures favored sons – humans – then there is no place in the city for you but the properties for sale in The Ridge Estate.

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