Malls at Silver Stream Estate

No matter how many items we own it never seems enough. No matter how much we have, we always seem to need more. It is as though when you purchase something, you will have to make everlasting and continuous corollary purchases in order to augment, repair or even initially operate whatever it is that you have purchases in the first place. It is like some sadistic mathematical equation with exponential qualities that ensures that no matter the figure you get, it may get larger. Ok, with the last sentence, I had sincere difficulty conjuring a better analogy, please bear with me. In any case, I am positive you completely understand and even empathize with the notion I am describing.

Let me give you a more realistic example, one far more pertinent to the matters at hand. Let us for a moment envisage that you have acquired one of the lovely homes for sale in Silver Stream Estate. Are you going to then sleep on the floor? Will you cook your food over fire in your enormous and well-ventilated kitchen? Perhaps you might want to watch something in your downtime, with no TV will you draw on the walls in the living room in attempts to pioneer some kind of Flinstone-like television channel, where images look like their moving if you shake your head really quickly? Will you sit on the floor, or more comfortably, upon one another?

I hope with all my heart that the answer to ALL the above questions is a vehement no! You will naturally need to purchase furniture – amongst many other items that you will surely purchase to complete your home. As with any other item, you will need to make a few purchases before you are satisfied with your home.

Technology is a spectacular example of such. There are very few devices that you will purchase that do not require other corollary purchases in order to utilize them. You know how you will purchase a cellular phone (without a plan), and often find yourself having to purchase and rica a sim card, you will have to buy your own memory card (particularly if the one you have is a measly four or eight gigabyte) and you might even have to download a program on your laptop in order to be able to synchronize your cell phone with your computer. More appropriately, whenever you buy a Playstation 3 or 4, it always comes with only a single controller. I mean, who exactly intends to play this console alone for the rest of their lives? Lets be frank it is a rather ingenious commercial tool and works wonders for revenue, even though it only serves to annoy us. Here’s another example: Have you ever bought a remote control or model car, plane or train? Have you ever found one that is sold with batteries? Naturally the answer is no. Even when the devices are advertised on TV or online, after the stringed list of how many awesome things the device can do, and all other extremely attractive specifications, they ensure to inform you in the bottom right hand corner, or with a rather curt and haphazard mention “batteries sold separately”. That has been the bane of my very existence ever since I was a single digit years old. Nonetheless we do go through the trouble of the extra purchase, because we want so badly to use the device we have purchased.

Fortunately for you Hazeldean Square is practically across the street from you, among other highly convenient amenities near Silver Stream Estate.

With an inordinate amount of stores to elect to shop from, you can purchase all the supplementary products you will need to use the products you bought in the first place. The selection of options is superb. With a line up that includes, but is not limited to PNA, Postnet, Pick ‘n Pay, The Crazy Store and Woolworths, you are sure to find whatever it is you need to simply function comfortably and conveniently during your many options of recreation at Silver Stream Estate.

As a matter of fact this reminds me, I need to buy triple A batteries for my dud DSTV remote control at home; and I don’t have the luxury of living in one of the houses in Silver Stream, right near Hazeldean Square. What a nuisance…

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