Malls at Heron Hill

Mall…such a simple word to describe the greatness that sits within your reach when living in the eastern suburbs of Pretoria. For without the access, the incredible proximity to those places that make the enclosed neighbourhoods the utter gems that they are, their shine would fade, their hues would dull – for gated living is made just as much by that which resides within the gates as does inside them.

We all know the commute – I mean, the commute. The 45 minute drive (and that’s when there isn’t any traffic) to get the shopping done, so as to be back in time to prepare dinner for the family, feed the dog, feed that cat (this is one of those times where the dog and cat have that unlikely friendship, made popular by YouTube not too long ago), and somehow slip in an episode of Greys before passing out on the couch, to dream about what you would’ve liked to have done to the car that cut you off in traffic, or the one that stole your parking when you were obviously waiting for it.

Yes, that’s the commute I’m talking about, the one where the summer heat sticks your legs to the leather seat, and the winter chill makes you crave seat warmers as thought they were an ice-cream cake from Woolworths (full name: triple chocolate mousse ice-cream cake, and oh my go do yourself a favour and get one – death by chocolate has never tasted so good). The commute where afternoon, peak hour traffic, the only time you seem to have any time during the day, is eaten away by long lines of bumper-to-bumper road-rage fuelled morons who insist on making the least innovative decisions in moving from point A to point B with a vehicle.

“How does this fit into the opening paragraph’s description of amenities?” Cool it, I know you’ve been stuck in traffic for a while, but I’m getting there. And in arriving at my point I say: Imagine if said traffic could be avoided, while still allowing you to enjoy a shopping experience that lets you take your time in making sure you have everything you need (we all know the head-slap – the one we give ourselves when we’re unpacking the groceries and realise we forgot the ice-cream cake…or whatever else you deem as the utmost importance on your shopping list), and still have time to browse a few of your favourite stores on the way out. Sound a bit too good to be true? Not for those who live within the Properties For Sale in Heron Hill it’s not, as they will surely attest. For when you live mere minutes away from lifestyle centres such as Woodlands Boulevard, the feeling of having everything you need, everything you want, and everything you want to need and need to want, at your fingertips, will become natural – as though it were always meant to be. The incredible array of stores that stand ready to fulfil your every need as a 21st century shopper see an incredible selection in terms of the very the best in brand name items, whether sporting, fashion or culinary in character.

Heron Hill does however, value the freedom of choice that all members of society are entitled to – as it should, for choice amongst the very best in modern living is certainly one of the factors behind its existence. And in keeping with said ethos of choice, the estate had made sure to position itself next to not just one – the aforementioned – lifestyle centre, but rather an array that would make Paris Hilton herself weep, her little brown purse dog wondering at her tears of joy…

Menlyn Retail centre steps in to rival Woodlands Boulevard in spectacular fashion. As if it weren’t enough that the mall already boasts the title of one of the largest to grace the African continent, Menlyn looks to extend, to expand the shopping experience for its loyal customer by the addition of scores of new stores, the first of which already stand open to the public. A battle of the giants indeed, the hardest choice you’ll have to make in future days will be where to enjoy shopping as you have never enjoyed it before.

The estate values many things within those that seek a home. The security at Heron Hill, of course is a defining factor. But further than putting your mind at ease, the gated neighbourhood values your quality of life, and understands that said life is far too short to be sitting in traffic, or tearing out your hair because of it. And it is for this reason that they have endeavoured to bring you the utmost in comfortable living through strategic placement with regards to that simple word that describes the greats, as being part of the amenities of Heron Hill

I implore you, get the ice-cream cake.

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