Malls at Boardwalk Manor Estate

Discretionary Income. As a Business Communications major in college, this became the most operative term in the entire faculty not far removed from disposable income. The commercial definition of this eternally elusive constituent of household comfort and happiness, which has also become an infinitely persuasive force in the shaping of our society is as follows:

The portion of an entity’s income available for saving and spending on non-essentials. It is what remains after expenses for basics (such as food, clothing, shelter, utilities) and prior commitments (such as school fees and loans) are deducted from the disposable income. Total amount of discretionary income in an economy is a key indicator of the level of possible economic growth and is the target of all commercial advertising. 

Why was this the most operative term in my course, as I understood it? Why should it be so important for ye who own one of the lovely houses in Boardwalk Manor Estate? It is the driving force of commerce. Without it, no trading entity can viably operate. It is the essence of what, as the working public, we toil and trudge for, and what shapes our world.

The average human being does not require a particularly substantial quantity of amenity and resource to exist or survive. While food and water constitute the bulk of such necessity, even something as routinely coveted as shelter, is rather superfluous in the context of basic human survival – survival of course, for our purpose, being the most fundamental and primitive of conceptions, effectively connoting the ability to sleep, wake up and sleep again, with little to no activity or death in between.

Humans can survive without food or drink in varying degrees between 8-21 days and can survive without food, in the presence of water, for close to 2 whole months. The average adults will, heretofore, require a mere 2,000 calories a day so as to not black out and depart the land of the living, pun completely intended. Please do not attempt to appraise the accuracy of these assertions via experimentation, instead trust that my research has come from credible scientific sources!

I have a point, I promise. My point is, forget about we need to survive, and consider far more profoundly what we want to live! Surviving and living are quite dissimilar in nuance. While we value “survivors” in our society, in whatever guise they might manifest – people who overcome adversity, people who flourish with little to no money, education or societal assistance, or people who’s resilience and endeavor have become an inspiration to onlookers – we do not set upon the meanders our lives to one day be christened “survivors”. We want to live. To this end, we venture to conquer academic, sporting and corporate realms from which we can eventually and vigorously plunder remuneration and financial gain. A good percentage of this bounty is begrudgingly invested in survival, and the facilitation of continued acquisition for ourselves and those we love – that is food, water, shelter, clothing and education for our children and the ones we love. However, it is the potential use of those finances after these expenditures that titillate the spirit, arouse the imagination and captivates societies – young and old. Where I come from, it is referred to as the American dream. Yet, as the facilities near Boardwalk Manor Estate, suggest, quite rightly, that there is nothing exclusively American about it!

The commissioners of Boardwalk Manor Estate obviously had a perspicacious sense of these commanding hammers that perpetually bang our world into shape. The estate is situated in the perfect area to allow all its residents to frolic in the discretionary income utopias that are Woodlands Boulevard and Menlyn Park Shopping Centers. Here you can survive, thrive and most importantly, you can live!

Rather than bore you with the specific details of these almost satirically convenient and all-encompassing shopping centers, I will rather dare you. I dare you, to go to Menlyn Shopping Center and not find whatever it is you desire. I dare you to imagine a product that you cannot find or be directed to - within reason, of course, you wont find spaceships. Wait, you might…I think…Ok, never mind, those are just models. At the risk of sounding quixotic, you really can shop until you drop, particularly if you have neglected to make provision for the basic goods necessary for your minimum caloric quota! In summation, there is ample access to the gateways to our dreams, to the praxis of our strivings, where our deepest longings manifest, neatly and considerately, so that you can reap the glistening rewards of what you have painstakingly sown.

Now, in case my point was misplaced within the short biology tuition and over excited descriptors, this is a place where one can live lavishly, comfortably and conveniently, effortlessly spending good hard-earned discretionary income, as we always want to do, as we always hope we can. Few places better cater to these innate yearnings like the amenities at Boardwalk Manor Estate. I lie to you not. If you believe in this dream, if you believe that what you have worked for and earned belongs to you and there things – finer things and regular things – that you want, then this is where you can find them…all of them.

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