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Good Day, oh wise and astute consumer. Consumers, after all, are what we are above all in this world. We are consumers of culture, religions, technology and fashion. We are consumers of comfort, safety and security. However, more than anything, and often as a prerequisite to the consumption most things, we are consumers of money. As the old adage asserts, “money makes the world go round”. Technically speaking of course, the Earth infact rotates on its axis as a result of its formation within a roundly shaped hydrogen and helium cloud, containing rocks and dust that collapsed from mutual gravity and coalesced to form the solar system; requiring the conservation of its angular momentum, the Earth consequently continues to spin essentially because of inertia! I nevertheless do believe that the symbolic intent of the phrase is not lost on us, for again, we are all consumers. Even to produce, we must consume – resources, time, energy and most importantly money – like you will have to spend to own one of the majestic properties for sale in Cormallen Estate.

That is acceptable. There is no unwritten law to which we are obliged to take heed and curtail our natural instincts to spend, to consume. It is after all human nature to want, to need. It is also unequivocally true that every living organisms primary purpose of existence is the propagation and continued survival of its DNA, its own genes, and subsequently some metaphorical immortality, because it was the fittest. While it is true that impalpable phenomenon such as love and laughter do not require money to attain, but let us be realists for a moment. Unless, we exist in some Utopian world where love is an edible substance or some income generating activity, you will not live long on love. I also find it very hard to believe that the average person will find happiness without the pragmatic aid of worldly currency.

I specified, however, what kind of consumer you are. I referred to you as wise. While it is certainly my intent to flatter you, you beautiful reader you, it is also my comprehensive intent to eloquently relay to you, my most honest and unfettered opinions about our relationship to our paradigms and environments, to give you the most thorough basis to evaluate where you might reside, work, learn and, for our most immediate purposes, consume! I digress. I called you wise and astute. I did this because we are not consumers like previous generations of consumers. No longer do we either act or purchase on the counsel of mere hearsay, nor are we particularly galvanized by empty claims and haphazard promotions and proclamations. We, the consumer, are no longer placated by abridged platitudes of product or service superiority. We know better than that. We know what products are out there, what they are capable of, and what precisely is relevant to our disposition and what is impertinent. Therefore, as the highly educated, learned and aware consumers we are, product and service quality are not the only important facets of consumerism to which we must be attentive. What we should also value, is choice.

Why am I babbling on about consumerism and choice, you might ask? The answer is because if I know anything about houses in Cormallen Hill Estate, it is that there are so many choices. There is more than ample variety of house and home; you could decide to spend your world winding money on countless different styles and atmospheres, with unique architectural components and facets, all of which was intended to propitiate you, the undeniably sophisticated consumer, with enough choice to find what you want – not only what you need.

It is your natural and constitutional right to consume, and it is also your constitutional and inherent right to decide what. What Cormallen Estate has humbly done, is furnish the length and breadth of your god-given liberty to choose, so that you may find your identity, your niche and your perfect home within this brimming and burgeoning community.

Take the step and take your pick!

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