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Anyone that has ever played golf will tell you that it is whole-fully indescribable. One cannot put into words the feeling derived from the perfect stroke, the perfect ball, the onto-the-green, hole-in-one shot. Adjectives fail the sense of being watched by friends, yet being utterly, blissfully alone, as all your cares and stressors dissipate around you until all that is left is man and club. Everyone knows that in order to achieve that feeling of elation, one needs to play in nothing but the most exquisite parks that allow for the complete integration of mind, body and ball. And difficulty in finding such a space is a thing of the past.

It would seem cruel to tease you, reader, with a taste of the level and quality of golf that lies within your reach, and not continue to feed your passion through the description of game and glory and the location to which it should found. So I shan’t.

The unrivalled beauty that is provided by the first luxury security complex in Pretoria combines exclusive residential living with an exquisitely designed 18-hole championship golf course (coincidentally ranked amongst the top 50 in South Africa). Facilities at Silver Lakes Golf Estate are complemented by an on-sight, a state-of-the-art Pro Shop (golf equipment store) and the newly established Silver Lakes Golf Academy, with a focus on nurturing up-and-coming golf sensations, both male and female, by providing the best golf and fitness instruction in the world. Furthermore, practice facilities include a teeing area, chipping green, practice bunker and perfectly manicured target greens.

The golf course itself was designed by world renowned golf architect Peter Matkovitch, an increasingly prolific South African course designer, who started out as a professional golfer on both European and South African Tours before dedicating himself fully to the design and construction of stunning golfing spaces in the 1990’s. It  spans the length of the estate, sporting the aforementioned 18 holes across several kilometres, and at times, across several of the areas lakes, and is open 11 hours of the day – more than enough time for several rounds of golf (depending on your aim!) The course provides opportunity for expert training for both the amateur and professional golfer – its layout ensures that no shot is deemed easy, yet all are attainable with the focus and concentration that the pristine landscape allows for.

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New to the golf scene? Not a problem, the Silver Lakes golf course has clubs, cars and caddies for hire, there to assist on your way to golfing greatness. This stands flush with the expert coaching team, headed by UK PGA tour veteran Andrew McKenna, who has had over 20 years of experience in the professional golfing world, both as a player and as a coaching manager – working with his team of professional and semi-professional golfers, upping your game won't be a choice.

Golf is sure to require relentless hours of practice and dedication – Rome was not built in a day. And to help you along your way to greatness, Silver Lakes ensures its part in said dedication, taking the utmost care to keep its grounds and golfing facilities at performance-enhancing perfection. The men and women in charge of the mammoth task of maintenance understand the importance of detail in their work, and strive to provide the utmost in terms of quality grounds-keeping workmanship.

From the physical world to the virtual one, Silver Lakes Estate has extended their effort to help you reach your perfect game, so far as to even disclose comments and tips on their website about how each and every hole could and should be played in order to achieve optimal performance on the golf course. Every hole has been digitally captured and enhanced to detail every possible outcome of a golfer’s game, with optimal efforts highlighted.

And support doesn’t stop there. The golfing academy (I didn’t mention the golfing academy?) certainly capitalises on its available resources, making use of everything from fully fledged Power-Point presentation based classes (golf academy, more like golf university) to sport psychologists, assisting would-be pro and amateur golfers in dealing with situations of pressure, mental fatigue and attitude – all infinitely important aspects to any golfers game. In doubt? Check out the Silver Lakes Golf Academy Facebook page (yes, they certainly stay up to date with the latest online trends) – pictures, descriptions and contact information are as available here as on the Silver Lakes Golf Estate website itself

The lengths that the men and women of Silver Lakes Golf Estate go to, to ensure the perfect conditions, should be beyond apparent by this point. Whether online or on the green, the very best in personalised service is at your fingertips

In conclusion, we feel that- oh, hang on; did we mention the 140+ species of birds indigenous to the area? No? How about the free roaming blesbok, nyala, impala, duiker, zebra, kudu and springbok? I suppose we should then mention that the natural wetland forms the centre of the game reserve where said water fowl and small game animals congregate. And as if that wasn’t enough, several heritage sites were discovered in this area dating back to the late Iron Age. Now imagine teeing off next to that.

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