Security estates in Pretoria East offer plenty of reasons to be in the running for your new home. Some of these reasons are blatantly obvious and others are not. If you are in the market for a security estate property in Pretoria east, here are five reasons to live in a security estate.

A greater sense of community

According to a study done by K. Landman at the CSIR because of the reduction of crime compared to outside of the security estate, and also the reduced fear or crime leads to an improved quality of life and a greater sense of community. You will actually get to know you neighbours, you will attend functions together and have each other over for a braai. Living together in the same estate and seeing each other socially helps that you get to know and trust the people that are part of your community. You won’t just live in a security estate, you will make lifelong friends in a security estate.

Property in a security estate is a sound investment

It’s important to invest wisely. A good property investment is one of the best type of long term investments. Buying property in a security estate is a sound investment to make. It’s simple really; all the research you have been doing, has been done by thousands of people before you. There is a demand for properties within security estates. It’s also an empowering feeling to have an investment asset that you actually use on a daily basis, whether its use is to house and raise your own family or, whether it’s a house you intend to put on rent.

Security and Safety

Safety is paramount, for everyone. This is especially true if you have a family. Security estates have 24 hour gated security for that exact reason. Your children can ride their bikes in the street right in front of your house and you don’t have to worry about them, not that parents ever stop worrying about their children. But at least you will know that your family will have a safe environment in and around their home, and in their community.

Peace of mind is good for your health

Stress is a huge contributor to health issues, but stress is part of the territory that comes with modern day living. There are plenty of ways you can get rid of stress, like working out or perusing a hobby. Having one less thing to worry about is even better than having stress in the first place. When you own property in a security estate you can rest easy and know that you made a good investment and you will also know that your family is safe. That’s two less things to worry about. Prevention truly is better than cure.

Facilities like clubhouses, conference facilities and restaurants

Not all security estates have the same facilities. Golf courses, communal buildings that can be used for events or parties, squash courts, gyms, club houses etc. Depending on your interests you will find that facilities supplied in security estates can greatly improve your comfort of living. Why not have that big 50th birthday party in the club house? More space, more people and your house won’t look like it went through a hurricane the day after the party.

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