Exercise at Six Fountains Estate

As I sit here and attempt to formulate and link words that might conjure meaning for you, my beloved, intellectual reader (I am sucking up just a little bit, please stay and read this write up), I am huffing and puffing. I am out of breathe as a result of the walk from outside to my very fanciful computers (yes, plural), which it occurs to me that I spend entirely too much time on. Aside from the fact that it is blistering hot, and I have a sneaky suspicion that the ozone layer bore a consciousness, realized what the sun was exactly and what it was capable of and decided to abandon us, I am just tired. How can this be? I drove here, parked outside, walked up a ramping driveway, took a single step turned on my computers (I feel so special every time I say that), sat down and began to write. Say I lived among some the gorgeous homes for sale in Six Fountains Estate, excluding my time of vehicular transit, we are referring to well less than 2 minutes worth of physical effort. That is unacceptably embarrassing. Although, to be fair, the ramp was at an angle of approximately 30 degrees, I was carrying a supremely heavy backpack, the single step is abnormally high and it is , again, definitely blistering hot. Ok, my attempt at defending myself just made me feel even more ashamed – perhaps I should have said nothing at all.

Anyway, I could blame it on the heat, steepness of the driveway, height of the step, and many more elemental and terrestrial interferences. In all honesty, I would like nothing more - but the fact of the matter is that I am probably just inexplicably and hopelessly unfit. You wouldn’t think it if you looked at me. If I may boast for a moment, if you were looking at me, you would observe well-shaped, muscular legs, broad masculine shoulders, good upright posture, well toned biceps, triceps and trapezoids, and a good lean athletic disposition (so allow me, please, my self-esteem is not particularly at its pinnacle). Yet, I cannot swing one leg past the other for thirty meters without getting tired. I was once a professional athlete you know, and even I find that incredibly difficult to believe. I mean, even my fingers are experiencing minor fatigue, possibly arthritis, and Im only about four hundred words into this write up. Oh woe is me.

If I could make one more excuse, it would be that I never have the time to work out anymore! Which effectively brings me to my point – working out. We truly do underestimate the importance of two grossly neglected components of success and stability in our modern world – sleep and exercise. Exercise is pivotal to an energetic, healthy and happy life and lifestyle in too many ways to consider in any genuine detail here. The commonly shared perspective that “a healthy body equals a healthy mind” is incontrovertibly factual. I will briefly tell you why.

Exercise has been proven to stimulate the brain’s nerve cells, inducing multiplication and fortitude, augmenting their potential to fight damage and disease. Furthermore, exercise enhances your body’s capacity to transport oxygen to the brain and to other parts of your body. The magnified oxygenated blood flow to your most important muscle and to other vital muscles and organs means that they will operate with more efficiency and ease. This is to say that you may will think and feel better during the course of your busy days, as well as avoid illness and fatigue – all of which can be constituents to other minor discomforts such as ill-temperance, depression and even pessimism. Exercise has lifelong positive impacts. In adults and seniors prolonged exercise can improve and sustain brain and motor function late into old age; meanwhile, for children and youths, exercise facilitates everything from intellect sophistication, to social, emotional and psychological health and development.

Why am I telling you this? It is certainly not to make you feel as though you might keep over and die if you do not exercise. It is rather to have you consider that you may want to find yourself having quick and convenient access to facilities in which you can pursue such physical and mental vigor! Fortunately for you, Six Fountains Estate is situated adjacent two such facilities. One of them is the Six Fountains Driving Range. Now while “Driving Range” does not particularly conjure images of athletic prowess, so much can be said for the mere at of walking and inhaling the freshest of air – particularly appropriate for older less active or able members of the family! Golf is a sport after all. The other is certainly better known, popular and efficacious in the attainment of fitness and physical health – Virgin Active Hazeldon. Many would agree that the Virgin Active franchise boasts some of the best and most state-of-the-art facilities in the world and provides personal trainers an programs that can be specified to your individual needs – albeit an a minor extra expense, but consider what your health and life is worth to you, and you will find that this price is near negligible. Become one of the natural wonders of Six Fountains Estate!

That being said, if you’ll excuse me, I am going to change and head out for a jog. You should too!

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