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Boardwalk Manor Estate (Restaurants and Cafés)

What is the perfect date? I wonder only because I cant say that Ive dated much. Ive had plenty of girlfriends (not to brag,) but somehow I managed this feat without too much of the financial strain of the dating phenomenon. I mean, Ive had quite a few companions of the opposite sex – and what a magnificent, fascinating and powerful species they are! Ive even had a girlfriend from a country too miniscule to view on an average map - Bhutan. I have no doubt in my mind that you are likely to have no idea where that is. To be quite frank, I had never heard of the place myself, until I happened upon this exquisite eastern rose petal, kissed by culture, caressed by love, held by harmony, touched by talent, tickled by...oh my! Apologies, I really liked her.

At any rate, I did not do much dating. Mind you, by dating I am not referring to the very instinctual practice of engaging romantically with someone who ignites the cockles of your heart. I am referring to the Western practice of formally requesting the companionship and escort of your amorous allure, to a pre-planned or pre-determined event or location, to savor one another’s amity and most likely enjoy hors d’oeuvres, drinks, dinner or dancing. I, one who has never owned a sterling property in Boardwalk Manor Estate - what did I do instead, you ask?

I am not some cold-hearted bore, whose practicality and pragmatism prevented him from coveting romance, fantasy and affection. I have feelings! What I mean to convey, is that it is not as though I didn’t want to; it is more that I couldn’t. It painfully occurred to me time and time again that there was no place to take my beloveds that I could afford; if I could bare the expense, I found that no place captured her imagination and ingratiated her with my ever-blazing desire. It was hard times. Nonetheless, I was certainly imaginative – I continue to find that most financially insecure people are. So I found inventive, thoughtful and romantic ways to fulfill my societal obligations and prerequisites so that I too could frolic in the vast valleys and rivers of love – while simultaneously eluding movie and music clichés that were undoubtedly, and rather wittingly, extortionate! Honestly, it seems moderately less than prudent to pay $20 per person, per meal, for someone that may well go home that very same evening, adjudging you to have been as bland as the meal you both politely pretended to enjoy. Look, that is just my opinion and I am no Dr. Phil. Although on second thought, the sentiments expressed in the previous two sentences may come across as rather cynical. I will not apologize!

Anyhow, if you live around these parts, it seems that this stifling predicament will be no concern of yours. There are entirely too many delightfully quaint and fittingly priced restaurants, cafés and bars within too little travel to spend any considerable effort; while, if you are unlike myself and are not in financial peril as you pursue your romantic passion, you will at the very least be paying for quality food and drink that will go quite the ways to securing mutual adoration.

A vehicular stones throw away, Koffietijd is a lovely liquor licensed coffee shop that also serves delicious food – particularly good to know as you may need a drink or two to get through your date. There is a fireplace and a tea garden for good romantic measure and for all ye single parents out there yearning to complete their home once more, there is a safe playground with a jumping castle on the premises. Die Werf is another restaurant not far from home in both proximity and cuisine as they serve some wholesome traditional South African foods. For the adventurous and exotic, you might find Lotus Thai more enchanting to you and your lovely companion’s pallet. Otherwise, if your youthful exuberance occasionally (and rightfully) gets the better of you, Square Time Lounge might provide a more congenial atmosphere to get to know someone better, in comfort and class.

Truth is I could go on and on. I wont. I believe that I have put my point across. Dating has never been easy. The awkward and sometimes self-conscious interactions that lead to eventual delight, heartbreak or befuddlement with someone, to whom you are attracted, physically, but more often emotionally, are unavoidable. However, if you can play your cards right, if you can demonstrate the enduring zest of chivalry or illuminate the heart and imagination with effeminate grace and elegance, you too can find love – as I have been fortunate to have. You may already be in love, and there is no better way to keep the fires of passion and intimacy lit than by taking the one you love out – if you live in the comfort and security of Boardwalk Manor, this is all too easy.

No go and fall in love, for the first time, or again, and again, and again!

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