Chocolate Avenue at Woodlands Estate

It was my birthday a few days ago – four to be more precise. One must add that it was not particularly eventful, falling in the middle of a rather busy work and school week. Im not sure that even if I had the time I would have had been capable of mustering the necessary energy to go out and act as though I was tremendously excited to be approaching thirty years old. Please understand, I do not mean to affront those of you reading this that are beyond this universally recognized landmark, but I am certain that you all understand rather intimately that this doubled edged sword of wisdom and approaching caducity can be a rather precarious event to contend with! If I lived in one the lavish homes for sale in Woodlands Estate, things might have been somewhat different on my birthday, albeit moderately.

Growing up, one of my favorite things about birthday, amongst quite a few others, was that I got to eat cake! Not for any reason other than that, through no fault of my own, or circumstances for which I am to thank, I get to have a cake called mine. I mean, from some incredible and yet to be fully understood scientific process, I am now the recipient of something that I never otherwise have the privilege of enjoying. As far as I knew, cake was invented for the sole purpose to appease that lucky little kid on their day of naissance.

One year, a year I have never since forgotten and will never yet forget, I had the largest birthday party anyone in my school ever had until that point (or so we believed). My beloved mother simply went the distance to make this one special. I was turning eleven, which assuredly was not supposed to be that eventful. I am not yet a teenager, and I had already cleared that double-digit landmark so as to be allowed (by my very conservative grandmother) to sit in the front seat of the car. Therefore, I had literally no expectation of any grandeur or extravagance. My mother hired a jumping castle, a slippery slide (the ones with foam and water) and a whole host of games, and play equipment from lord knows where, and packed them into our backyard. Then, she printed the most elaborate and ornate invitations with the names of almost all my classmates (she wanted to invite them all, but I promptly vetoed that proposal). Mommy dearest went on to rent chairs, tables and a sound system, and bought an unfathomable amount of snacks, hot dogs and burgers. I have not since seen or experienced anything like it.

The best part of the entire event was yet to come however, sometime during the day, she called all the children and chaperoning adults together, for my favorite part – cake! When she brought it out however, it was unlike anything I had ever witnessed in my short eleven-year spell on the planet. It was a gigantic cake, the first tier of which was a model of the arena for my favorite sport- a soccer field! The field was complete with two opposing goal posts and the appropriate lining. It was the perfect color. Atop this mammoth football field, was a disproportionately large football, definitely substantially larger than my own big head. It was also adorned with the correct coloring and design of classic footballs – that is black and white hexagonal and pentagonal shapes all around the ball, and even a dot, resembling the opening through which the ball was pumped. This was all simply too much glamour and intricacy to describe in words. Im sure I don’t have to remind you that my drab birthday four days ago was not even a shadow of this extravagance!

Within the safety and security of Woodlands Estate, you and your children can also experience such splendor on your, hopefully, more eventful birthday celebrations with a visit to the neighboring Chocolate Avenue. Within the walls of Woodlands Estate rests a quant and cute bakery that specializes in uniquely designed and creatively constructed cakes for weddings, birthdays, tea parties and other special occasions for which you might desire one; including 3D cakes! Moreover, the bakery boasts chocolate work expertise (my favorite also!), centerpieces and a delectable bias for cupcakes. Let me remind you that this is all located within the boarders of the estate. All you need to do is take a short afternoon walk, or an even shorter afternoon drive, to the shop and ask for what you might like.

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