Architecture at Boardwalk Meander Estate

I am a huge fan of art, as I have often asserted in our enormously enjoyable exchanges about the goings on in and around the spectacular estates in Pretoria East. I have specified in great detail my affinity for the performed arts, the traditional works in paintings, sculpting and pottery among a few others. Most pertinently to you, I have spoken about the fact that architecture itself can undeniably be considered a form of art – an art in which the designer uses his creativity, passion, expertise and invention to design the most aesthetically pleasing home possible, that also allows for the most comfortable residential experience and cultivates the sensations of a home. I did not specify what that is precisely, nor will I per say. What I will state, again, is that you are sure to find very beautiful houses for sale in Boardwalk Meander Estate, regardless of your specific tastes in architecture.

I truly enjoy many different kinds of architecture, from a very personal perspective. While I am not a huge fan of pop culture in general, I have, with a few of my friends, observed a few episodes of a program called MTV Cribs – a show where semi to famous individuals showcase their gorgeous homes to the world, effectively making the rest of us feel as if we live in some very decrepit abodes (might I proclaim vehemently that we do not!). Flailing self-esteem deficiencies and insecurities aside, I witnessed some of the best residential architecture I have ever seen. My preference, however, to be quite frank, is to take scenic drives and detours through notoriously fashionable neighborhoods, where you might find yourself marveling at every house in a single block, imagining yourself residing in one amongst them yourself.

I would be remiss if I did not ensure to mention that the houses in Boardwalk Meander Estate, fit snuggly into that category and it is truly a delight to witness the different styles, designs, orientations and constructions. These structures were clearly erected not only to shelter lifeless robots, but rather vivacious families that want to enjoy being at home – the best and safest place in the world.

Of the many homes I have seen in Boardwalk, Pretoria East and in South Africa as a sterling whole, I must submit that my heart has been truly captured by thatch-roofing. The cockles of my heart warm every time I drive by or enter a home with thatch-roofing. There is no question that it is far from the pan-ultimate method and material for building – that is not my contention. My contention is that thee is something very wholesome, soothing and welcoming about the form, which captures my imagination again and again.

Scientifically speaking, thatch is said to be an incredible natural insulator. This is to say that in winter, heat from the commanding African sun permeates the surface, enters the home and is delightfully retained, often to the point where one does not require a heater in the evenings. Conversely in summer, something about the grass and the ventilation, inherent therein, cools the interior, ensuring that under almost any circumstance it is cooler within than without. Culturally speaking, few phenomena capture the essence of modernity from the African perspective. If you were to suggest thatch roofing to the average European or North American home owner, they might imagine something a kin to a mud hunt in rural Venda (which certainly do exist) but it will in no way evoke images of the structural sophistication and grandeur that can be associated with it.

It is highly unlikely that you would NEED to enhance, add-on or embellish your house in Boardwalk Meander Estate – in the case that you should ever want to, I highly recommend an adjacent establishment called Thatch-It! Established in 1987, they have “successfully completed projects in South Africa, Israel and the USA” with all material and labour being exported from South Africa. Owned by a gentleman called Terry Wilson and a member of the Gauteng Master Builders Association, Thatch-It is the only thatching company that generates in-house detailed CAD structural drawings for all structures to be erected. According to Thatch-It, “these drawings facilitate the analysis of the structure in determining the structural stability of the design, as well as all connection criteria”.

To simplify the architectural jargon, Thatch-It will design and construct incredible safe, sturdy and beautiful thatch roof structures that can beautify any house or yard. If you share my sentiments about the technique, you will be thrilled and excited by the offerings.

As things currently stand, I cannot afford either a house in Boardwalk Meander or the commission of a thatch roof structure… oh but I will. Mark my words, faithful reader, I will…

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