Amenities at Woodlands

There’s no getting around the fact that Woodlands is, by far, one of the most attractive places to live in the modern capital city of our great nation. Passing over the excellent ode to security at Woodlands Estate, the very fabric of beauty indeed seems to be woven into the landscape. For starters, trees - everywhere, but everywhere, which you may have gleaned from the name. And if you didn’t, well perhaps a visit to the enclosure itself may be necessary for I know not if my words are able to do the estate justice. The interconnectedness of the natural world with our reality of human society is certainly brought to light in the way that the two interact with each other within the bounds of Woodlands Estate, the bird life drawn to the aforementioned trees that provide excellent shade and shelter for the elements of the plateau in the summer, and insolation, as though protective arms of a mother wrapped around her kin, in the winter. Insects are abuzz within the spring-time, dragon flies the size of small truc-I mean dragon flies of moderate proportion, not at all scary and awe-inspiring in the slightest, dart back and forth as the sun glistens off the morning dew that settles upon the perfectly manicured lawns.

And just as nature interacts with humanity to give those living within the properties for sale in Woodlands Estate a quality of life of the highest standard, so does Woodlands, as an estate, a living, breathing organism pulsing with life, do the same with the surrounding area in giving residents an excellent proximity to any and everything their hearts desire, through excellent access to some of the best shopping malls the continent has ever seen. Take Menlyn Retail for example – soon to be very different from the mall that you and I grew up around, for their expansion program, already underway, sees the arrival of scores of new stores of both local and international recognition. This is in addition to the already existing shopping opportunities made available by the hundreds of stores open for business all year round, helping to make Menlyn one of the largest malls in terms of the number of shops within one place, on the African continent.

Menlyn Retail, however, is definitely not the only place to satisfy one’s hunger for the commercial lifestyle. Woodlands Boulevard stands, if at all possible, even closer to the residents of Woodlands and, again, if at all possible, offers just as much in terms of variety. Woodlands Boulevard is a modern nod, a hat-tip if you will, to meeting the every need of a progressive society in the most splendid way possible. The array of restaurants that are to be found upon the centre’s floors would cater to even the pickiest of tastes, and shopping is no longer to feared, compliments of the highest quality foods to be found any of the several grocery stores. Also, sitting in peak hour traffic on your way to and from doing said groceries is as real as the Matrix, as home is just around the corner. As for vehicular safety? The safety afforded by the off street is up there with the security at Woodlands itself.

Malls, however, are not only for the shopping experience. There’s also the falling-flat-on-your-face experience, brought to us by the brand spanking new development that is The Grove, housing the only house rink for miles around. A perfect place to host children’s birthday parties (mostly because when they step off the ice they’re so pooped, all the energy that was found in cake and candy having been expended, meaning that you could probably get a few hours of shut-eye when you get home) where the choice of restaurants is just as colourful as the people who enjoy them, the high ceiling s and long corridors will give you a sense of being in a middle-ages palace, perhaps in some far distant land, where everything you need is at your fingertips and people bustle to help you find what it is you seek, rather than in uptown suburbia.

Finally, the schools of Woodlands. Ah where would be without the schools, for it is these places of education that allow us to enjoy the luxuries of life as invented by the children of yesterday for today’s generation, and it is these academies that would do the same in rearing our young ones to become the greats of tomorrow. A collection of the finest are to be found within Pretoria’s eastern suburbs and, as before, mere moments away from the entrance to Woodlands Estate, such is the proximity between the enclosure an the nearby colleges of the mind. With the greatest in teaching staff and the very best in sporting facilities (just ask Hatfield Christian School about that last one, good heavens they have the most immaculate sports grounds I’ve ever seen), these institutes of brilliance are sure to bring out the best within their students.

So in the end you have two options – you could take my word for it, me, a total stranger you’ve never met, and who may or may not be exist, the latter being possible through research into AI. Or you can experience it for yourself, in looking into the benefits of owning a property within Woodlands Estate.

The choice is yours.

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