Amenities at Willow Acres

Willow Acres is, without question, the answer to a question that has been asked by everyone at some point in their lives (already a lot of questions, no?) – Where to live? With its superb attention to detail in terms of architecture, expert finish in craftsmanship and urban design, seen in the layout of the internal road system, positioning of housing plots and ease of access, it would seem foolish to pass up an opportunity to delve into the pool of properties within Willow Acres, one by the way, that is increasing exponentially in value. With huge efforts in ensuring your peace of mind and quality of life through massive safety regulations - manifested in the forms of top notch fortifications, the latest in security and surveillance equipment and the best trained men and women in their field -, brilliantly kept grounds, the likes of which were surely the inspiration behind magical works that saw bridges to Terabithia and cupboards to Narnia, it is no wonder that so many answer said mentioned question with the two words that stand synonymous with paradise.

Certainly, Willow Acres sees security of the highest standard to ensure its residents a quality of life boasted about for miles. In returning to the aforementioned lay of the land, the pathways drawn in concrete that allow vehicles to move through the area with grace adds to the aesthetic aspect of the enclosure, in their gentle, winding nature and well maintained manner – this attention to detail a base level characteristic of the way in which Willow Acres promotes the wellbeing of all those who live within its walls and the splendid conditions that they enjoy.

Surely though, it cannot be enough that an enclosure is beautiful in its appearance and steadfast in its security - for security at Willow Acres is surely top notch. There are certainly many other pieces to the puzzle of life, as we all try to find the place in which we fit within an ever changing world, many of those pieces fundamental to physical, emotional and psychological survival. For instance, humans need food (yes I understand that was an example from the absolute bottom of the barrel, but entertain my shenanigans in allowing me to make my point – all criticism will be met with a smile and a wave). And who on god’s green earth enjoys sitting in the peak hour traffic that our nine-to-five jobs dictate we endure in our attempts to journey to distant supermarkets to weave in and out of a multitude of metal shopping carts as we rush to find the items we seek, as though our lives depend on it (although if you think about it…) before the cashiers close, leaving us with everything we need and unable to leave? And even if we do make it out alive and with groceries in hand, it’s back into that sea of confusion as drivers show their disdain for one another in every twist and turn in the road as one fights to reach the sanctity of our homes. Oh wait no, you’ve got to pick up the kids from school first, joy.

This seems to be an adequate description for most of us who subscribe to the conventional lifestyle of the ever sought after white picket fence. Well, for starters – we found the fence ages ago, it just may have gone unnoticed behind the bigger, electrified fence behind which it stands, well-guarded and well preserved. However, in returning to the traffic conundrum, I ask why you would think it necessary to endure the ills of the road to such an extent, when several of the finest lifestyle centres in all of the country sit within grasping distance of the portals of entrance at Willow Acres Estate? Mere minutes away, Woodlands Boulevard has met the needs of its eastern dwelling customers for years with ne’er a complaint, such is the standard of service in the many, many stores that reside within its walls, from food, to clothing, to the highly specialised needs of the everyday man or women, albeit with a touch of class. If you’re not careful, doing the groceries may become something you start to enjoy.

As for picking up the kids from schools? Why bother (now I’m not saying you should abandon your children at the gates of their educational establishments, leaving them to fend for themselves in making the arduous journey home – unless they carry the ring of power, and “home” is colloquial synonym for Mordor, then you should probably let them be on their way)? With academies such as Hatfield Christian School and Doxa Deo so close at hand, that mountain bike your son was asking for may begin serve a purpose other than giving you anxiety attacks every time you see him mount it, the former a pre-primary to matric establishment, allowing for an uninterrupted movement from one grade to the next and ensuring a constantly maintained standard of work (the highest standard, by the way), the latter a work of art in cultivating the finest and brightest young minds born of the individuality  that the school promotes in all of its students.

And finally when, work is done is must be time to play - play with class no doubt, as the beautiful greens of Silver Lakes Golf Course sits just around the corner.

Now, as sit reading this, no doubt contemplating the unavoidable pain of bumper to bumper traffic that you face in the morrow, I ask you but one thing: If you we offered you the chance to change everything in a heartbeat through the Estate that is Willow Acres - 

Would you?

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