Amenities at Six Fountains

You’ve heard of Six Fountains Estate. And if you haven’t, welcome back, because there is no doubt in my mind that you’ve been living a hell of a long way from society for a hell of a long time – perhaps Marion Island? No? A little further south maybe – if this is the case, allow me to, again, welcome you back to the land of the living in spectacular fashion, by giving you the opportunity of a lifetime in terms of quality of said lifetime, and anything else that caters to your wants and needs…although to be fair, you’ve been so far from civilisation I could you probably propose to you with a cappuccino.

Let’s assume, for arguments sake that engaging in marriage based on mutual trust and coffee was high up on my bucket list (it’s not high up…passing over the fact the sad fact that it’s there). I’d probably take you to Menlyn Retail shopping centre. Mere minutes drive away from the properties in Six Fountains and their extremely happy clientele, this giant in the industry of happiness sees a collection of some of the finest in restaurants and cafes – and yes, I’d take you to one of them and possibly get down on one knee (depending on your take on modern gender stereotypes) if the moment was right.

This looks past the fact that the mall is indeed expanding at a colossal rate – which means that, where everything you wanted and needed was already available, there exist things that you’ll want, that you don’t even know exist yet (I feel like there should be some sort of scientific term for that…“Plancks constant want”). By the year 2016, a new west wing (loved that show) will be open to the public, and to their husband’s wallets, in giving you the very best in 21st century shopping experiences.

Now, one shouldn’t assume that Menlyn is the only lifestyle centre capable of turning coffee into romance. The Grove is right up there amongst the greats, the Michelangelo of malls, except instead of the Sistine Chapel, it’s got scores of stores to set your heart racing and your fingers itching for your wallet as though at a standoff at high noon…which is almost a s good as a 500 year old painting by a master of the trade.

Furthering in descriptions of greatness for this particular testament to the modern shopping experience, The Grove shopping centre boasts the only ice rink for miles around, meaning that, in conjunction with the brand-spanking-new games centre, this mall is the answer to the question parents have been asking for aeons – “What on earth am I going to do for my child’s birthday party (insert last minute stress and hair pulling here)?” The Grove also sees a food court that makes use of an open court yard and beautifully natural light, with restaurants to die for, and secure off-street parking, the safety of your vehicle rivalling the kind of security at Six Fountains itself.

Yet again it is my pleasure to inform you that our journey into the marvellously constructed world of the modern consumer does not end with The Grove, regardless of the spectacular nature with which it dazzles its customers. Woodlands Boulevard…Oh I’m sorry I was under the impression that saying the name would be sufficient to give you an idea as to the explosive splendours which await – sort of like saying “That’s one small step for man…” or “Get to the Chopper!” (that last one has to be said with Arnold accent, otherwise it just doesn’t work). But so as to not find ourselves upon a tangent, Woodlands Boulevard, as does Menlyn and The Grove, sees the shopping experience of a lifetime made real in its extraordinary array of stores made available for the customer’s convenience. I honestly do not think you’d have to look further than the walls of this great mall to find absolutely any and everything you need to sustain the kind of Lifestyle that Six Fountains Estate promotes – that of utter bliss in knowing that there is no cause for concern in terms of having what you need to see the very best for you and your loved ones.

You see, that’s the thing about Six Fountains – within the walls that guard the beauty that one finds there – a great example of said beauty being the lakes at six fountains, making possible everything from bird-watching to coffee proposals (see it doesn’t necessarily have to be at a coffee shop…in fact it’s probably better if it’s not. And also if you use a ring instead of coffee). There is certainly a vibe, a buzz, a passion for life. But this buzz is only made possible by the synergy that is found through the proximity to the glorious amenities around




Sorry I was going for the whole Samuel L. Jackson slow talk thing, let me know if it worked.

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