Amenities at Heron Hill

Heron Hill, that magical place that sees morning sunlight sparkle off dew-soaked lawns, the rays of light refracting, casting shards of light in every direction, as if each drop of water were a priceless diamond. A collection of the sweetest songbirds in the country gather within the trees, their soft voices echoing through the air, as insects buzz gently in the background, this orchestra of nature giving an ambience of tranquillity to an enclosure already well known for the peace that is found through the exquisite provision of safety, that which is found in the security at Heron Hill Estate. Residents of the area enjoy a lifestyle that, not too long ago, was thought impossible to find within the heavy urban setting of the capital city of the most developed country under African skies. Once you pass through the gates of Heron Hill, you will surely feel as though you have entered a new reality, vastly different from the one that you left behind mere moments ago - the sounds and sights of the dull, known world giving way to the exciting, refreshing picturesque view of house constructed in uniform with an architectural brilliance hitherto unmatched, save for perhaps the villas of the ancient world upon which they were based. Perfectly laid pathways of tar and concrete provide excellent access to all sectors of the enclosure through a layout that no doubt was a result of the very best in urban engineering, for such is the pleasure of using them…

Okay I’m done, that’ll probably fill my quota for the description of the area itself – all true by the way, I’m not saying I just made that up, I mean I have to work off facts, the estate is truly magnificent, and the properties in Heron Hill certainly enjoy top class facilitates in complimenting the quality of life that they offer. Strangely enough, I’m not here to promote the estate as a primary focus – not that it needs promotion, houses within those grounds are being bought up faster than sale items on Black Friday (coming up soon by the way). No, I’m here to tell you what else, besides the excellent living conditions within the estate, makes Heron Hill such a desirable place to build a home, start a family, make a life for you and your loved ones, for true living is not of one or two characteristics in terms of where we choose to live, but a relationship of how our place of home interacts with its surrounding amenities, those places that go the distance in complimenting an enclosed neighbourhood to such an extent that it actually raises the appeal of said neighbourhood to prospective buyers – something that certainly did not go unnoticed by the developers of Heron Hill in the conceptual process of choosing its location (location, location, I had to do it – and weirdly enough, it still makes my point – that of the importance of where one lives in respect to one’s surrounding’s).

But enough jibber jabber – for what use would it be of me telling you of the great and wondrous opportunities of the aforementioned amenities, should I not tell you how to find them, or how absolutely next door to you they’d be should you choose to live within the estate walls. Take, for example, The Grove lifestyle centre, and good lord what a lifestyle it provides, what with the indoor-outdoor dining court (so yes, you can choose to sit inside, or outside – but outside within the mall…my heads starting to hurt trying to figure this out, let’s just postulate that it’s an insanely awesome food court). And an ice rink? Low and behold, it’s right next to the food court, to which the marrying of the two gives us heartburn - well, I guess not if you’re under the age of twenty, for no child enjoys more the rush afforded to them by flying around ice on shoes of metal blades, weaving in and out of the crowd with the kind of ease and grace that gives parents mild heart attacks as they watch. The only ice rink for miles around, your young ones will simply love the sheer pleasure to be found within The Grove. And that’s not even touching on the brand new games auditorium constructed right next to the rink (wouldn’t you know it). As for the McDonald’s opposite? I think you sons and daughter’s birthday parties are pretty much sorted for the next decade.

That’s not to say that you as a parent can’t have any fun. The classy restaurants that surround Heron Hill, most notably within Menlyn Retail, speak of many a romantic evening to be had, in fine dining, fine wining, and very definitely, fine looking men and women, dressed to nines in enjoying a night out with their significant other. The likes of Baobab and Cappuccinos have certainly seen more than one proposal upon a mid-summer night’s eve.

There’s really not that much more to tell. I mean if you’re looking for the best in high-life living, you’ve found it. Trust me when I say that any further inquisition would be rendered futile by the sheer glory that is Heron Hill.

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