A Description in Newmark

Newmark – in my opinion, not a good enough name for the estate. And no, I’m not ragging on the developers, all I’m saying is that for an enclosure of this nature, this brilliance, this kind of absolute wonder, it would be impossible to find a name that truly described it’s greatness. For Newmark is no mere security village, of which there are many – no, this is a lifestyle in itself, the quality of living that it affords to its residents unsurpassed by any, for this estate well understands the importance of the synergy that is found in seeing that all needs and wants are met when purchasing property in Newmark – that is, it is understood that you do not simply buy a house; no you buy a house in making a home, for yourself, for your family and in seeing the ones you love acquire everything they need to succeed (and no I didn’t mean to rhyme, it happens to the best of us at some point or another). The idea behind the Newmark community is one of just that – community. In security, in everyday activities, in quality of life, the spirit of togetherness is strong within the walls of this particular enclosure.

Now that I’ve mentioned it, perhaps you would like some elaboration on what Newmark certainly sees as its utmost priority – I speak, of course, of the safety to be found at the Estate.

Security at Newmark is definitely not something to be taken lightly - were you a would-be intruder hoping to somehow circumvent the vast array of protocols in place, I strongly advise you to reconsider – for starters, you can’t…actually that’s pretty much all there is to say on the matter. The airtight security systems in place make it impossible to move about undetected within the neighbourhood – or around it for that matter, as CCTV cameras have been placed strategically facing both outward and within, meaning that no blind spots exists from which to begin an offensive, this description already passing over the motion sensors, guard patrol and electrical wiring that sits atop the walls that guard all those who sleep peacefully within Newmark. 

Yet adequate security (adequate being the understatement of the year) is not the only thing that makes an estate liveable (liveable? I’m in understatement city right now, Newmark certainly isn’t just “liveable”). Newmark, both as an institution in and of itself, as well as a collective in the residents that lay beautifully scattered amongst the urban forest that is the estate, knows that it is of great importance that the lands that lie adjacent to the magnificent testament to modern living are just as well kept as the enclosure itself. And to that end, I present to the stunning array of amenities of Newmark, the likes of which would make anyone eager get into their cars and drive the insanely short distance to where dreams really do come true – and no, I’m stealing that from Disney (okay I am, but for good reason, the description fits the lifestyle centres in the area better than any Cinderella story), for when I was child, my idea of sheer, blissful happiness was very definitely an ice rink with a games centre next door and a colossal choice in pizzerias (of course I’m talking about The Grove, that question was rendered obsolete when I mentioned the ice rink, the only one for miles around) – your kid’s birthday parties for the next decade were just taken care of. I’ll leave my number at the bottom of this article so you can call and thank me.

And speaking of your children, as is security to Newmark, they are surely your number one priority, something that I have no doubt extends to their educational upbringing. And, as though the superman of housing estates (yes I’m going to copyright that particular line), Newmark swoops in to save the day with gorgeous style and flair (again, another point in my paragraph rendered obsolete – of course said sweeping has style and flair, it’s Newmark for goodness sake). The excellent travelling time to the very best schools in the country means that your child will have the utmost in choices of institutions of learning, all of them of brilliant standard, rich in traditions and unsurpassed in academic quality. The schools around Newmark are without doubt some of the highest achieving in terms of theoretical work, practical skills and sporting greatness that have ever graced this continent, and spots are highly contended for by parents across the country – a factor helping your cause certainly being the proximity to schools themselves; as if you needed another reason to look into Newmark as a possible future home.

Please do not mistake me for a real-estate broker. My aim is not to push houses upon you so that I may collect commission. Think of me as more of a life-coach: Helping you make the right decisions, because why not? And to me, Newmark is certainly the right decision in this scenario

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