A Description in Heron Hill

The heron. A very magnificent bird no doubt, not to be confused with the hum-drum of other winged wildlife. Perhaps this is the reason that name was chosen for the up and coming estate, the new player in the game. And to be able to compete with the market in enclosed neighbourhoods, the developers of Heron Hill must have had every confidence in the ability of the estate to absolutely wow its target audience, and it’s very easy to see why. Just from the few glimpses I’ve had into the developmental process, in terms of the architecture, the safety features and the aesthetic value of the neighbourhood, this estate is going to be wearing the big boy shoes within the world of enclosed living very soon indeed.

For starters, there’s an entire history of gated living within the province to fall back on in terms of drawing needed information in helping this particular venture reach the top from the get go. The fact that the very latest in security techniques will also be the very first to be used in seeing that residents of properties within Heron Hill attain nothing but the best protection, the kind that allows all within the sculpted yet defiant walls to sleep peacefully - all cares and concerns with regards to their safety but a dream within their slumber - when it comes to their safety. For when one uses the best as a base level, the quality of security can only be improved over the years – for this is surely not a run-of-the-mill estate, but one that will stand the test of time in proving itself to be a new breed in enclosed living.

As for the aforementioned aesthetic value? As with a blank canvas, the artists brush poised above her palette, the land awaits the marvels that are to come in complimenting the already existing natural beauty that graces the African landscape that we all know and love. For it is with expert craftsmanship that development has begun to alter the once open spaces on the savannahs of the peninsula as we construct and create the very edifices that put us the map as the planet’s dominant species. The houses, soon to be homes, already standing, see the use of gorgeous architectural techniques in the evolution of modern ideas of living – however, we shall not forget our roots; In a hat tip to the tried and trusted methods of old, the use of north-south facing homesteads sees the incorporation of natural light, which means that houses built within the enclosure receive maximum exposure to the nourishing, natural rays, said rays surpassing any and all attempts in its emulation. The house themselves adhere to strict architectural guidelines, meaning that at no point will any brick be out of place, any pillar lay askew nor any home be of sub-standard levels – in short, nothing but the most exquisite is accepted here in ensuring the utmost value with regards to the quality of living for those who would call Heron Hill home.

As for the amenities of Heron Hill? Oh it seems you’ve piqued your own interest with this one, as the more I tell you, the more you’ll want to know. The world outside the walls of Heron Hill (love saying the name, it just rolls of your tongue doesn’t it. That and the alliteration? Hats off to whoever came up with it, genius), as the eastern regions of Pretoria, have been constructed to the same heights in quality as the neighbourhoods which they house, for surely nowhere else would one find such exquisite examples of lifestyle centres that form the areas that surround of Heron Hill (there it is again, never going to grow old). From the Grove, to Woodlands Boulevard to good old Menlyn Retail – old being a relative term, what with the multi million Rand face lift the mall is currently undergoing – when it’s done, I swear it’s going to walk back into the world looking like 90’s Jennifer Lopez) there isn’t a thing you won’t be able to find, a world class selection from hundreds of stores pushing thousands of local and international brands with ease.

As for the entertainments factor? Well, nightlife around Heron Hill is something that everyone should experience at least once, regardless of the commute time – oh and if you stay at Heron Hill, there will be no commute time. The very best in pubs, clubs, bars and restaurants expand outward from your doorstep in fulfilling every desire, whether it be a romantic date for two or a night to remember for ten, ending in the early hours of the morning, the sun peaking over the horizon.

I could go on. In fact I’d love to, but there are certain things that you just need to experience yourself in order to appreciate the full impact, for mere words on a page can only go so far in describing to you the magnificence of Heron Hill.

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