When you are in the process of buying property it is advisable to know exactly what you need in the property.

Here are Steps to assist you in making a decision as to what your investment should consist of.


  • It would be advisable, if you are a first time buyer, to have the extent of your credit value assessed through a reputable institution. This will assist you in determining what you can afford and spend on servicing a bond investment.
  • Are you a young family with small children, this would be an important factor if you have small children and you are considering the purchase of a multilevel property, or in the case of the elderly.
  • Do you need to be close to amenities, schools, public transport, access to highways or in the case of elderly people, a hospital.
  • What should the property offer in terms of your requirements for example: the number of bedrooms, study, servants quarters, a nursery, a pool and you you do a lot of entertaining should the property offer these amenities.
  • If you are a D I Y enthusiast, would you rather want to purchase a property which you could renovate yourself.
  • You need to know which design style suits you best or is within your taste. You will be living in your property, it is therefore important to be comfortable with the design of your investment.
  • It would be advisable not to over extend your repayment capabilities, you can always upgrade at a later stage. No one likes to have an investment repossessed because you cant service the debt.
  • Study the suburb which you have decided to purchase your investment in, the local Police Station can assist with this as crime should be a determining factor in making such a large investment.
  • It is always advisable to study the resale trends in the suburb you wish to make an investment in, if the resale value in that suburb is not what it should be then you are going to loose money on your investment.
  • It is advisable to assess the market value of the property you wish to invest in, the Deeds Office can assist you with this along with the sale value obtained for similar properties in your target suburb. You do not want to pay an above market price for your investment. If you want to, at a later stage upgrade to a larger property or you are relocating it would be rather difficult to sell your property at a market related price and purchase another property successfully.
  • It is advisable and could save you costs if you are in a position to approach perspective sellers in you private capacity, a lot of fees and commissions are done away with.
  • If you are safety and security concious it would be advisable to look at the location of the property within the suburb. Generally properties on the outskirts of suburbs are more frequently the target of r

    obberies and crime, the other alternative is to consider sectional title properties.    

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