It is always wise to be clear about what kind of investment you need or what the property will be used for. Will it be a holiday destination or purely an investment property?

Here are some of South Africa's property hotspots for investment.


  1. This is the work-hard-play-hard province. This has always been the top of the list as most of South Africa's industry is within The fast paced lifestyle of Gauteng is one of the possible factors which may add to property value increase. GDP figures for Gauteng, rated number one by Statistics South Africa at R897.553 as at 2010 with a population figure of 11, 191, 700 million. The two main property attractions have traditionally been Johannesburg and Pretoria. Property values show healthy growth. Property values are currently increasing at between 4-5% p/a.

Western Cape

Leisure living and holiday destinations, scenic views and beach front holiday homes. This is a big tourist attraction and also offers breath taking wine lands. At number two on Statistics SA's list the Western Cape has much to offer the holiday property investor, including country living or beach front properties with a good mix of residential property, catering for the entire income spectrum. GDP figures are R 376 284 million with a population of 5,223,900 million as at 2010.

Kwazulu Natal

South Africa's playground for sun seekers, surf and holiday makers. Ranked seventh this province is no slouch in terms of property investment growth. There has been an influx of foreigners purchasing property in the elite estates on offer in the province. The weather is the best South Africa has to offer – no wonder it is the prime holiday destination. Scenic coastal drives and night-life is easily accessible. GDP figures are R420,467 million with a population of 10 645 500 million.

Free State

Farming is the lifestyle for Free State residents, not exclusively. Ranked at number six there is plenty this province offers property investors, and is also rich with South African culture. There are ample holiday attractions for the person who loves quaint country environments. In the Harrismith area, the Drakensberg Mountains also is one of the main attractions. GDP figures by Statistics SA states R 145, 405 million and a sparse population of 2824,500 million.

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