Do you want to have a good, yet stable credit record? Here are basic guidelines to put yourself in a good light with the banks, to obtain a loan for your perfect, not so expensive repossessed house.

1. Character – this entails your willingness to repay your debt. Financial institutions will look at these, which is obtainable from your ITC status.

2. Capacity – the financial institutions will determine your ability to pay back the loan.

3. Capital – this is your net worth. When you are a first time buyer without any assets, make sure to apply for the correct mortgage.

4. Collateral – these are assets to secure the amount borrowed. The lender will require security before granting a loan.

5. Conditions – entails the borrower and the current economic situation, both nationally and internationally.

When adhering to these basic guidelines, your credibility will increase greatly, giving you a greater chance to obtain finance for a repossessed house. Don’t you think this leaves your credibility in your hands?

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