Believe it or not, but in a recent survey taken by the UK’s “Daily Telegraph”, South Africa was rated as the sixth location where it is safe to invest in property. Keeping in mind that the South African property market is sought after by foreigners, this makes the idea to buy a repossessed property so much more appealing.

The “Daily Telegraph” wrote "The Euro is in crisis. Stock markets are in freefall. Two prime ministers have been sacked. Italian debt is at record levels and Spain is about to have an early election. Across the pond, America's annual deficit is now measured in trillions."

This survey was conducted with the focus on buying property suitable for holiday use. Here is the list of countries that also made it:

1. Canada

2. Hong Kong

3. Switzerland

4. Mauritius

5. Gibraltar

6. South Africa

7. Barbados

8. St Lucia

9. Cayman Islands

The people conducting the survey agreed that the regular use of English in South Africa can be seen as a bonus. Attention were also given to how intense a country respect free enterprise as well as property rights and the accessibility to facilities such as banks, airports, medical facilities and legal firms.

Furthermore, South Africa is portrayed as a beautiful country with countryside, villages, a first-class wine culture and nice weather climates throughout the year.

South Africa is popular amongst foreign investors. We can be proud to be South African and need to realize that we are very fortunate to live in such a country. With this information, don’t you think it is time to buy a repossessed property on auction?

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