Let’s say your old Spiderman pajamas received its final disapproving remark from the person sleeping next to you. Time has come for new pajamas. Even when the decision is not yet final, the very first step would be to visit a store that stock super hero pajamas, and “see what is out there”. The same applies when buying property – you need to see what is out there.

Unfortunately property shops really require massive shelves and ridiculously large warehouses. So, hello long hours of driving to property, setting up meetings and wasting time. The problem is that most of the places your estate agent will show you are really not what you want. You realize that after one minute at the property and one hour of driving, scheduling and talking.

Fortunately MyRoof.co.za is taking the next step in online property advertising. Myroof.co.za is the only property website to have floor plans for every listed property of it’s several thousands,  accompanied by pictures. First generation property websites could show pictures only, and created confused and frustrated buyers that end up calling their local estate agent.

Floor plans make it easy for buyers to find what they want. The place with “that bedroom that faces into the garage” can now be avoided before you set up appointments and make small talk with the owner. At a single glance you can plan which wall to knock down for a larger living area, or plan which room to convert into a baby room.

Why wait?

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