When you want to view a property that you are interested in, you will need to make the arrangements yourself but luckily this is easy to do. Also please take note that MyRoof does not have access to any of the properties listed on our website, and we cannot arrange for access either.

Making your own arrangements is quite simple. You need to be logged onto the MyRoof website to get the owner’s contact details. After you have logged in, find the property you want access to. You will see “owner details” on the page of the property under the photos and property details. Click on “view contact details” to get the information you need. You can make arrangements that will suit both parties’ needs.

MyRoof is a listing company, assisting the banks in selling repossessed properties as well as owners to sell their properties privately. Unfortunately we cannot give you access to any of the properties listed, since you will need to get consent from the registered owner.

When you visited the property and want to place an offer on it, go to the MyRoof website and place your bid there. It is a straight forward process with little effort. Your dream house is waiting for you.

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