Christiana is a town which forms part of the North West province. Diamonds were discovered in the Vaal River in the 1870’s and with this came the hive of activity and search for riches in the area.

The town was established on a farm which was renamed to Christiana, after the former president of the Transvaal, President Pretorius. The town hosts the annual Diamond Digger Festival which attracts a large number of tourists to the event. The Diggers Diamond Museum is another tourist attraction.

Diamonds were rediscovered in the region in 1997 and with this came a new flood of hopefuls.

Christiana has a few proclaimed heritage sites which contain bushman rock art. The town is mostly geared for agriculture as it falls within the maize rectangle. Other agricultural activities are the farming of potatoes, sorghum and beef.

South Africa’s best horse stud is located near Christiana, the Callaho Warmblood Sport Horses.

Schools in Christiana are;

  • Geluksoord Primary School
  • Stowlands Primary School
  • Christiana School for the Blind
  • Christiana Combined School

Christiana School for the Blind caters for learners with total and partial impairments. The school has a host of interactive programs for families and children, helping them to cope with their disabilities like, support groups for parents and children. The schools boasted a 100% pass rate for the 202 school year.

Due to the town’s proximity to the Vaal River, water sport activity is a favoured attraction with residents which in turn attracts tourist from out of town.

Christiana is an old and well established town and many of the homes reflect the era they were built in. Many weekend tourists invest in property in town specifically for the proximity to the Vaal River. Property values are thus stable and there are loads of older homes which are being renovated and upgraded for the purpose of weekend getaway homes.

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