Blyde River falls within both the Mpumalanga and Limpopo provinces, in what can be described as some of South Africa’s most pristine bushveld landscapes.

It is in a sandstone gorge known as the Treur River confluence on the bank of the Olifants River.

Within the Drakensberg Mountain range, the Blyde River flow north from its origin in the Hartebeesvlakte nature conservation area.

The region got its name from Voortrekkers that were on an expedition under leadership of Hendrik Potgieter who was on a expedition from Delagoa Bay and him and his party were presumed missing by the remaining Voortrekkers that were left behind. The remainder of the party then named the region Treur Rivier for this error in judgement.

The Blyde River catchment encompasses a vast tract of land, measuring approximately 2842 km2. Within this catchment there is three conservancies namely; The Mount Sheba Nature Reserve, the Blyde River Nature Reserve and the Blyde-Olifants Conservancy.

Within this catchment there is a mixture of land use from agricultural, commercial forestry and indigenous forests.

There are a lot of tourist property developments taking place in nearby towns like, Bourke’s Luck and Potholes, Graskop, Sabie and Dullstroom.

There are exclusive estates in Blyde River like, Blyde Botanical Reserve and Blyde Wildlife Estate, which serve as weekend and holiday homes creating a huge demand for property in the region.

Of course the main tourist attraction id the Blyde River Canyon which offers adventurers more than one discipline or challenge.

There are of course residential suburbs surrounding Blyde River which have all the amenities of large towns.

Towns in the region include;

Other attraction in Blyde River is trout and bass fishing with the exotic selection of small mouth bass and rainbow and brown trout on offer.

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