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Western Cape

Situated in the south western corner of South Africa, the Western Cape is one of the country’s most popular locations and destinations. Boasting the exquisite allure of the Winelands, the Karoo and the splendour of the Garden Route, the province also houses Cape Town – the Mother City – a haven for its culturally practised and tasteful residents.


Also known as the Garden province as a result of its coastal sub-tropical climate, KwaZulu-Natal has always been one of South Africa’s favourite holiday destinations. While the coastline is dotted with picturesque small towns, the province’s interior consists mainly of inspiring and spectacular rolling hills.

Eastern Cape

The Eastern Cape includes such diverse landscapes – from the arid Karoo to the wet and windy Grahamstown – that any person can find their nirvana here. This province also boasts South Africa’s only snow skiing resort, which is situated in the Southern Drakensberg.

Free State

With Bloemfontein as its capital city, the Free State is found in the very heart of South Africa. The lovely climate and fertile land have made the province a thriving agricultural community. The Free State’s chief tourist attraction is the Golden Gate Highlands National Park nestled in the foothills of the breathtaking Maluti Mountains.


Meaning literally “the place where the sun rises”, Mpumalanga is divided into scenic highveld and savannah lowveld. Main attractions in the province include the Kruger National Park, the Sudwala Caves and the Blyde River Canyon.


As the northernmost province in South Africa, Limpopo shares its borders with Botswana on the west, Mozambique on the east and Zimbabwe in the north. Limpopo’s proximity to these African countries has gifted it with the beauty and contrasting landscapes that has made it a favourite among travellers and adventure seekers.

North West

The North West province is a picture of authentic African bushveldt beauty that encourages adventure. From the quiet beauty of the Pilansberg Nature Reserve to the bold decadence of Sun City, the North West offers both culture and comfort.

Northern Cape

The Northern Cape is the biggest and most sparsely populated province in South Africa, dominated by the Karoo Basin. This natural gem includes the Kalahari Gemsbok National Park, the Augrabies Falls as well as the famous Namaqualand region.

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  • On what grounds does Standard Bank accept or reject an offer?
  • Standard Bank accepts or declines offers on a property at its sole and unbiased discretion. Standard Bank considers the following factors:
    • The method of payment.
    • The amount of offers previously made by any person.
    • The amount of previous offers that were accepted by the Bank where the transaction was unsuccessful for whatever reason.
    • The duration for which the property has been in the Bank’s possession.
    Therefore, it may be possible that the highest offer on a particular property is not accepted due to any of these reasons.
  • Are MyRoof or Standard Bank acting as estate agencies?
  • No. MyRoof provides a platform for Standard Bank to list properties. MyRoof operates as a property advertising portal that allows the public and estate agents to view and buy property in a secure, easily accessible and current manner. Neither MyRoof nor Standard Bank are registered estate agents.
  • Does Standard Bank sell properties to make a profit?
  • No. Standard Bank’s main objective is to minimize the default indebtedness of the property’s previous owner. Standard Bank does attempt to cover the costs incurred through the purchase of the property and sale in execution process.
  • Why is my offer rejected so quickly?
  • In order to lessen the previous owner’s debt, a minimum offer may be required on a particular property. Thus, if an offer is submitted below this amount it will automatically be rejected, and the prospective buyer will be notified via e-mail.
  • Are all offers on any given property considered?
  • Yes. All offers are logged on a central database where Standard Bank will review and consider them.
  • Why can I make an offer on a property when a transaction is already in progress?
  • Standard Bank may consider alternate offers should the current transaction fail for any reason.
  • How many offers are received per month and per property?
  • Standard Bank can receive up to 150 offers on a single property per week while an average of 5000 offers are made per month.
  • What happens when I make an offer on a property?
  • There are four steps involved in making an offer on a Standard Bank property on MyRoof.co.za.

    Step 1: Making the actual offer on MyRoof.co.za
    When you make an offer it is received by Standard Bank and reviewed for consideration. MyRoof will send you an e-mail confirming receipt of the offer as well as your details and the property details.

    Step 2: Your offer will be accepted or declined by Standard Bank
    If Standard Bank accepts your offer you will receive a confirmation sms and e-mail containing the Offer to Purchase, which verifies that your offer has been accepted on principle. MyRoof will also contact you to confirm this. If you choose to proceed, you are required to complete the Offer to Purchase within the specified time and return it to Standard Bank via fax. Should you fail to respond in good time Standard Bank reserves the right to accept alternative offers.
    If Standard Bank declines your offer, you will receive an e-mail to that effect. You are welcome to make another offer!

    Step 3: Completing the Offer to Purchase
    Once you have completed your Offer to Purchase and sent it to Standard Bank within the specified time, it is your responsibility to contact MyRoof on 0861 697 663 to confirm that the Offer to Purchase has been received by Standard Bank in good order. If you are purchasing an EasySell property, you must complete the Offer to Purchase document that your estate agent will supply. When Standard Bank countersigns the Offer to Purchase the offer is deemed formally accepted. MyRoof will then contact you to inform you that the offer has been countersigned and formally accepted by Standard Bank.

    Step 4: Arranging Bond Financing
    After acceptance of your offer you have 14 business days to arrange for Bond financing. Should you be unsuccessful in securing financing within this time-frame Standard Bank reserves the right to terminate the transaction and accept an alternate offer on the property in question. All decisions and actions by Standard Bank in this regard are final and no correspondence will be entered into.

  • Who owns the Standard Bank properties in possession?
  • All repossessed properties listed by Standard Bank were previously bonded by Standard Bank. When the previous owner defaulted on their financial obligations the property was put up for sale at public auction. When a property does not reach its asking price it is bought by Standard Bank. As such, properties in possession are registered to, or in the process of being registered to, Standard Bank.
  • How long does it take to register a repossessed property?
  • The process of registering a repossessed property in an individual’s name is more complex than a transfer between private individuals. Standard Bank endeavours to make the process as swift as possible, but the registration may take between 4 and 6 months. However, buyers do have the option of occupying vacant properties by paying occupational rent to Standard Bank.
  • How secure are my personal details on the MyRoof.co.za website?
  • Data exchanged with MyRoof.co.za is kept on a secure server and never provided to any third parties. The only information needed to make full use of the website is the user’s contact details.
  • How do I stop receiving e-mails?
  • Simply click unsubscribe at the bottom of the e-mail you have received. Please note that you will have to unsubscribe from each individual property you’ve made an offer on.


  • Standard Bank lists properties for sale on MyRoof.co.za and hosts online auctions where prospective buyers can bid on property.
  • Standard Bank owns properties in possession and as such reserves the right to accept or decline offers at their sole discretion.
  • MyRoof will contact prospective buyers throughout the purchasing process.

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Auction FAQ

  • What is an online auction?
  • An online auction is hosted on MyRoof.co.za in order for potential buyers to bid on a specific property within a definite time-frame, with the auction ending at a exact time and date. The online auction complies with the Consumer Protection Act.
  • How regularly will an online auction be held?
  • Online actions will commence every ten (10) days.
  • Is there a reserve price on an online auction?
  • The online auctions will clearly be indicated by ‘no reserve’ if there is no reserve price applicable. All other auctions will adhere to a reserve price.
  • What is the relationship between MyRoof Auctions and Standard Bank?
  • In terms of the Consumer Protection Act, MyRoof Auctions acts as an agent to the transaction (the auction and purchase), whilst Standard Bank is the Seller or Principal.
  • Does MyRoof Auctions know what the reserve price is?
  • No. MyRoof Auctions acts as the agent and as such has no knowledge of the reserve price.
  • What are the requirements to participate in an auction?
  • Every bidder will have to register for a specific auction before making a bid. The bidder will be required to submit certain personal information in order to register and bid. This information is stored on a secure database and shall not be shared with any third party without obtaining the consent of the individual, as is required in terms of the CPA.
  • Will the highest bid be accepted?
  • The bidder must submit his/her best bid before the auction closes. Standard Bank has sole discretion to accept the best bid – which may not necessarily be the highest.
  • How is the best bid determined by the Bank?
  • The amount of deposit paid upfront versus bond grant required, whether the bidder visited the property, gained access, as well as the historical data of the bidder (for instance, if a bid was previously accepted but the transaction fell through due to non-compliance) are all considered.
  • Can estate agents bid at online auctions?
  • Standard Bank welcomes estate agents that bid on behalf of their clients at online auctions. Upon registration estate agents will be remunerated with 3% commission. Estate agents must ensure to upload Proxy Letters and Fidelity Fund Certificates when participating in an online auction.
  • Can I nominate someone to bid on my behalf?
  • No. In terms of the CPA, nominations are not allowed.
  • What happens if a property is not sold at the online auction?
  • The property will be rescheduled for either an online or physical auction.
  • What happens to those last minute Bids during an Auction?
  • Some bidders try to submit a bid in the very last moments of an auction so that the auction closes before other bidders have the opportunity to place a counter-bid. For this reason an auction will automatically extend by 10 minutes if a bid is received in the final 2 minutes of an auction.
  • Can I put in an offer for a property that is not yet on auction?
  • You may submit ‘pre-auction’ offers on a property as this helps determine which properties will go on auction. The higher the level of interest, the sooner the property will be placed on auction. Potential buyers and bidders will then be notified of the auction.
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