Wolmer - MR503637

Apartment in Wolmer, Pretoria - North West, Gauteng

R 340,000

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Wolmer - MR503637
Apartment in Wolmer, Pretoria - North West, Gauteng
R 340,000
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 of property in Wolmer
 of property in Wolmer
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 of property in Wolmer
 of property in Wolmer
 of property in Wolmer
 of property in Wolmer
 of property in Wolmer
 of property in Wolmer

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Key Features


  • 1 Bedrooms
  • 1 Bathrooms


  • Levy R797
  • Rates and Taxes R113

More Features

  • Property Type - Apartment
  • Seller Type - Private Property
  • Floor Area - 40m2
  • Price per square floor meter - R8,500 per m2

MyRoof Stats

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Here Is An Opportunity To Become A Proud Home Owner.

This one-bedroom flat is ideal for both first-time home buyers and those interested in property investment. If you desire to live an independent life, then this is a very good place to start. The unit is neat and well looked after, with an open plan kitchen and lounge, a bathroom, and a bedroom that can fit a double bed.

It has a carport and the whole place is covered by a perimeter wall. This property provides a friendly neighborhood, a community of people who look after their own. With the schools, parks, convenient stores close by, need I say more? Opportunities are not always as they normally say; but that should not be a phrase to describe your home status. This is because, you do have an opportunity to own a home right here.

Sometimes you visit a place and after some time you feel like you need space, maybe at work, event, mall or wherever actually. Well, that should never be the case when it comes to your home. This is because home is your private space, your own castle or palace, so it should be a place of love, freedom, security and above all; space. By space I mean an environment to live life in your own terms, independently in-order to grow and develop as a person.

No matter what kind of a job we do, race we belong to, even how much fun we might have out there, one thing is for certain; we all want to belong. That feeling of total acceptance and appreciation. Often times the world tells us we are not worth it, we don’t qualify, we are too much, we are this or that.

After all, is said and done, we all should look forward to being home because when we are there, so much in our lives just makes sense.

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