Front View of property in Malmesbury Front View of property in Malmesbury
  • Front View of property in Malmesbury
  • Front View of property in Malmesbury
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@ R 240,000

Land in Malmesbury - MR149298


Highest Received Offer was R 280,000

erf size

Highest Received Offer was R 280,000

- MR149298
Land in Malmesbury, WCape - Mooreesburg,Yzerfontein,Malmesbury, Western Cape
R 240,000

Property Overview

This is a Standard Bank Mandated Property. Email any queries to

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The steps involved in buying this property is similar to that of buying any other property. All offers are made Online on If you require finance for this property, you can apply at any bank for a bond, as you would do on any other property. You need to take the signed Offer to Purchase to them with the application documentation. Read Standard Bank frequently asked questions for more info about Standard Bank Insolvent Property

Standard Bank Disclaimer
This list is produced by the Standard Bank of South Africa Ltd ("the Bank") for information purposes only. All properties are sold "voetstoots" (meaning as is), and prospective purchasers' are advised that the Bank does not guarantee vacant occupation of the properties being sold, and purchasers will have to obtain vacant occupation at their own cost. You are advised to consult the relevant Deeds Registry Office for accurate information pertaining to a particular property, such as size, endorsements, servitudes etc. By making an offer on any property advertised on, online, or using any other medium you warrant that you understand that making an offer is not a bidding process and Standard Bank, in its sole and unbiased discretion, and for whatever reason retains the right to accept or reject any offer at any time for whatever reason and is not obliged to accept the highest offer. All users of the information on this website do so at their own risk. Neither the Bank nor will be liable for any losses of whatsoever nature incurred, as a direct or indirect result of the use of the information on this list. more

Property Key Features

  • Property Type - Land
  • Seller Type - Standard Bank Insolvent
  • Erf Size - 773m2
  • Price per square erf meter - R310 per m2
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