Calling all Estate Agents!

Absa welcomes your business and expertise, and invites you to register to sell properties. Agents can earn up to 7% commission on properties sold.

Simply register as an agent online, and submit your Fidelity Certificate Number or EAAB number. When you make an online offer on an Absa repossessed property, that offer will automatically be locked to your agency’s name.

When an offer made by your agency on behalf of a client is accepted or declined you will receive notification via e-mail or sms. If the offer is accepted you will receive an e-mail containing a unique number as well as the OTP template. Your client must then complete the OTP and fax it to the number provided.

You will be able to manage these offers, as well as other properties your clients may be interested in, online.

Please register or login first


  • After I'm registered, how do I submit offers on behalf of a client?
  • Simply click on the "Make an Offer" button on any property screen and submit the offer as normal. This offer is then locked to your Agency's name.
  • Can Agents submit offers to Absa any other way, than online?
  • No. In order for Absa to fairly consider and compare all received offers, all offers must be logged online on this platform.
  • What happens after I have logged an offer?
  • You will receive feedback via sms and e-mail if the offer is accepted or an e-mail if the offer is declined. If the offer is accepted, you will receive an e-mail with a unique Number and OTP template, that your client must complete and fax to the number provided in the e-mail.
  • How much commission will I earn?
  • See the new commission structure in the table above!


  • Estate Agents can register online to sell Absa properties.
  • Estate Agents can make offers on behalf of clients on the website.
  • Agents can earn up to 7% commission.

New: Earn up to 7% commission

Offer price as % of Asking price Commission (% of Offer Price, incl. VAT)
≥ 90% 7%
< 90% 5%

* 3% Commission to be earned on certain Absa Mandated Properties
** Absa Bank Trust properties do not form part of the Absa Bank Repossessed and Mandated portfolio. Where agents make use of MyRoof, a 50% commission share structure will apply.

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