About Woodlands Estate - Woodlands Estate

Welcome to Woodlands Lifestyle Estate

Woodlands Lifestyle Estate offers a charming American Suburban style neighbourhood estate in a timeless class of it’s own, affording a lifestyle where healthy living is as important as dedicated internet service.

This unique estate incorporates lifestyle trends in health and fitness to discerning residents. The estate attains the perfect balance in luxury homes and upmarket cluster homes to ensure the sought after ambience of peace and tranquillity accustomed to boutique estates.

The estate is well-known for it’s picture-perfect sidewalks and gardens, suburban elegance and carefully preserved nature elements enhancing the grandeur of the architecture.

Few visitors enter the Woodlands Lifestyle Estate and leave unchanged or unaffected by the sheer splendour and serenity this estate exudes.

Residents need to adhere to stringent architectural guidelines in order to sustain the essence of the estate.

Various amenities are available to the residents of Woodlands Lifestyle Estate to ensure a healthy, stress-free lifestyle, centred at the poolside clubhouse with gym facilities, tennis court, squash court, volley ball court and children’s play park.

The vision of Woodlands is mainly to revive the sense of community by providing an open and secure environment that is nevertheless sensitive to residents’ requirements in privacy, information technology and elegant living.

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