With only about 1200 permanent residents Yzerfontein can be viewed as a village. This quaint fishing village, located on the Cape West Coast, was established on land that was known as loan farms from the Cape Colony in the 18th century. The original registered legal owner of the farm was Jacobus Marthinus Blanckenberg. He purchased the farm on the 25th August 1842.

In later years the farm was subdivided and the land subsequently changed hands a few times.

Here is a list of owners that contributed to the expanding fishing village;

· 1937, Nicolaas Gerhardus Pienaar

· Portion of the farm was sold to, Yzerfontein Seaside Estates, Mr. P J de Villiers and MR. I A J de Villiers

· MR. I A J de Villiers sold further portions of the farm to Gypsum Industries, and Kompsa Industries and a further portion to Yzerfontein Seaside Estate

It is clear to see from the form of sales of the land that Yzerfontein is firstly a working farming community and secondly a holiday destination as was from the early 1800’s.

Yzerfontein is not the typical glamorous holiday destination of the KZN coast; this is a destination that would cater for people who prefer the quiet type of holiday with excursions to deep sea fishing, whale watching or trips to the many nature reserves in the region. The glamour of this seaside holiday destination lies in its natural beauty which has not yet been tainted by large scale property development.

The Swartland offers a great variety of attractions like the wild flower show which is held annually between August and October which attracts international tourists to the region.

This of course further enhances the prospect of property investment in the region.

The Yzerfontein beach is the longest stretch of beach in the Southern Hemisphere measuring sixteen miles and is an uninterrupted white beach.

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