There is much to be said about property in the southern suburbs of Cape Town. Various images are conjured up like old oak trees lining cobble-stoned roads, Cape Dutch and British Colonial, Georgian and German Gothic architecture sprouting from an age old Settler’s history to present day.

With these images and thoughts in mind there are suburbs which have captured and nurtured the essence of those traditions in preserved and restored buildings.

The suburb of Wynberg has its roots firmly planted in all those ethos’s which have been passed down to residential homes with all the finest hardwood floors, bay windows, wrap-around portico’s and pressed ceilings are just some of the features found in many of the homes in Wynberg.

At a time when living in an apartment was a fashion statement Wynberg followed suit and today apartments of all sizes are once again high fashion accessories. Apartments are in high demand for other important factors like their security, low maintenance and close proximity to universities and for pensioners the easy access to important amenities.

Straddling both the middle-class and prestigious market is an asset to sales and demand for homes apartments and commercial property in the suburb. All these property usages contribute to the overall property values and of course the stable growth in property values.

With the prestige of the suburb there is naturally the need for exclusive or reputable schools and Wynberg and surrounding suburbs have more than enough to choose form such as Wynberg Boys’ High School, Wynberg High School, Wynberg Boys’ Junior School and Immaculata Private High School.

Exclusive retail outlets and glitzy entertainment venues are the order of the day for this laid back lifestyle suburb with popular exclusive malls such as Maynard Mall, Cavendish Square, Kenilworth Centre and The Constantia Village.

Of course access to commercial hubs is something that falls into the lap of residents in Wynberg as many of the commercial hubs are almost within walking distance in the southern suburbs.

Take a tour of the homes in Wynberg, Cape Town Southern Suburbs via the Myroof web site.

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