Winburg is a town located in the Free State province.

Located north of the Orange River, it is the oldest settlement in South Africa. The town was established in 1837.

When the Voortrekkers reached Winburg there were no other inhabitants. The closest inhabitants were located at Taba Nchu, about 60km away. This was the Tswana tribe of chief Makwana.

Trade was established between Andries Pretorius and the Bataung tribe, with cattle being traded for agricultural land. The Tswana tribe was under constant attack from the Bataung tribe, stealing their cattle, and Andries Pretorius offered the Tswana tribe protection in exchange for more land. One large exchange chief Makwana traded the Voortrekkers for protection, was land between the Vet- and Vaal River.

Winburg was selected as the settlement site and also acted as a religious centre for the Voortrekkers.

In the 1950's there was a dispute as to where a Voortrekker Monument should be erected and Pretoria won the vote. There is however a secondary monument erected on the outskirts of Winburg commemorating famous Voortrekkers.

The town of Winburg seems to have been in religious disputes for some time as there was firstly a divide between political allegiances which led to the Dutch Reformed church to split in two with congregations being established namely Klip Kerk and Rietfontein Church.

The congregation from the Klip Kerk apparently demolished the Rietfontein Church on numerous occasions.

The town's churches were later further split so it emanated and the Afrikaans Protestant Church was established.

The town and region is supported by agriculture and farming with a well established town that has schools catering for educational requirements.

Here is a list of some schools in Winburg:

  • Winburg High School
  • Winburg Primary School
  • Hentie Cilliers Secondary School

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