Welkom, which means, “Welcome”, is a town located in the Free State province. The home of Goldfields. Gold mining is where the town has its origin.

Gold was discovered in 1948 on the farm Welkom and this led to the town being proclaimed.

In 1961 the town was declared a municipality and on the 14th February 1968 it was declared a city.

The town was pre-planned, one of only a few cities in the world that can claim this honour. It was the vision of Ernest Oppenheimer, Chairman of Anglo American Corporation, that a town be constructed which “its residents could be proud of”.

Welkom exists and functions because of mining and the mining of gold, coal and diamonds are what sustain the city.

The decline in the gold price from the late 80’s has seen Welkom diversify into the manufacturing of steel, lumber, dairy and engineering/ manufacturing.

Welkom is located in the Free State, thus farming is the other sustaining industry with maize being big on the list.

Welkom is thus a still expanding town which attracts a lot on relocation residents following employment prospects.

For this reason the demand for residential, commercial, retail and industrial property is comparable to its sister towns across South Africa.

There are no less than 39 primary schools in and around Welkom and 25 Secondary and high schools.

Welkom is home to the worlds 3rd best oval motor sport track, which hosts the FIM WSBK

(World Superbike Championship) Championship annually, attracting hoards of international tourists with the competitors.

Welkom is thus an established town which has all the amenities of a city.

Other tourist attractions in Welkom are the De Rust Nature Reserve.

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